Rutger Hauer Autographed 'Smallville - Exile Episode' Screenplay!



Here we have the screenplay of 'Smallville' 'Exile' episode.

'Smallville'' is the famous TV mini-series starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent.

In this episode (directed by Greg Beeman) Rutger played the 'Morgan Edge' role.

The 'Exile' synopsis is the following: Under the influence of red kryptonite and living in Metropolis, Clark gets involved with a crime lord named Morgan Edge, who hires him to break into Luthor Corp. Meanwhile, desperate to put his family back together, Jonathan takes drastic measures to bring Clark home. At the mansion, Lionel accuses Helen of killing Lex.

This screenplay was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

This screenplay is 12" x 8.5" (30 cms x 21 cms) and has 44 pages.

Rutger has autographed the cover with a blue marker.


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