Rutger Hauer Autographed Special 'The Hitcher' BIG Promo Booklet!


John Ryder, anyone....?

Here we have a very special item relevant to 'The Hitcher', the 1986 cult film with Jennifer Jason Leigh and C. Thomas Howell, directed by Robert Harmon.

Rutger played in an unmatched way the disturbing character of the mysterious highway psycho-killer John Ryder.

This is a big 3-fold 2-side booklet that measures 14" x 11" (36 cms x 28 cms) closed and 33" x 18" (83 cms x 36 cms) open.

It has 'The Hitcher' synopsis in English, Spanish and French languages and it displays a lot of colored and black and white press ads photos, front of house stills and photobooster photos.

Rutger has autographed its cover in black permanent ink.


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