Autographed 'Lost in the New Real' 2-CD Media Book + Video Featurette!



This is the 'Lost in the New Real' (by Arjen Anthony Lucassen) Limited Edition 2-CD Media Book featuring Rutger as a narrator!

It also includes 2 exclusive video featurettes ('Behind the New Real' and 'The Making of the Artwork').

CD-1 has 10 tracks and in its special CD-Rom section the video featurette 'Behind the New Real' (14 minutes long), with Rutger's voice and Arjen talking about him.
CD-2 has 10 tracks and in its special CD-Rom section the featurette 'The Artwork'.

The booklet (with descriptions, texts, photos, artworks, etc.) has 16 pages.

Arjen Lucassen appears as 'Mr L.' and Rutger as 'Dr. Voight-Kampff.

This 2-CD Media Book measures (closed) 5" x 5.5" (13 cms x 14.5 cms).

Rutger has autographed its hardcover in silver permanent ink.


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