Rutger Hauer Autographed Rare ORIGINAL 1968 'Floris' Promo b/w Photo!!


Here we have a VERY special ORIGINAL photo from 'Floris'!

'Floris' was a Dutch TV series made in 1969 about Floris van Rosemond (played by Rutger) and directed by Paul Verhoeven. There were 12 episodes plus a docmentary. 'Floris' was a huge hit in the Netherlands, prompting stamps and kids comic books, too!

On the reverse side of this ORIGINAL b/w photo showing 'Floris' with the Doornenburg Castle on the background, there are dates (e.g. 19-9-1968) some stamps, the copyright notes, some newspaper clippings, and a description of the photo:

It measures 8" x 6.5" (20 cms x 16 cms) and
Rutger has autographed it in black permanent ink.


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