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How to donate for the items:

You can help Starfish by choosing an item of your choice or - if you are a returning supporter or would like to be an even stronger supporter - you can always take advantage of this special 'all year round' offer: upon choosing two items, you will always be able to choose a third one for free, this latter having the value of the higher donation item of the two you choose, e.g. if you get an item with a value donation of Euro 40 and another of Euro70, you will be able to get for free a third item with a value (indicated in the 'Donation from Euro' in the Items List) up to Euro70.

When you see one or more items that you would like to get, just send an email to

indicating the item number(s) and all details (i.e. your full name, complete address, donation amount and settlement option). We will reply with all necessary instructions/shipping costs options.
After your order, we will indicate the item in the Items List as 'B' (Booked) and we will email you with the delivery options you can choose from.
The relevant donation should be received within 3 days from our email with the credit card link, and when received, we will mark the listed item you booked with a 'N' (i.e. Not Available Anymore) and ship the item on to you following your delivery option choice.
If after 3 days from our email with the settlement credit card link the donation has not been effected, we will re-list the booked item as available.


At Supporter's (your) charge. Please always remember that delivery costs depend on the weight of the shipped items.
You will be able to choose amongst three shipment options:
- By International Priority
- By International Registered Airmail
- By International Insured Airmail
We will indicate the respective costs in the email you will receive from us in reply to yours.

For particular items, shipments by DHL courier are also available.

The Registered Mail allows tracking.
The Insured Mail, in case of loss, allows you to receive reimbursement.

Donations accepted through:

- PayPal
- Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
- Bank Transfers

PayPal and Credit cards:
We provide the proper link in an e-mail to the donor. This e-mail (which will be from the Starfish Association e-mail address) allows the buyer to proceed with the donation which takes place on the PayPal's Secure Servers. The procedure takes place in Euro currency.
Indicatively 1 EURO is equal to approximately $1.30 US Dollars or £0.80 Great Britain Pounds, depending on the international rate of exchange (R.O.E.) fluctuations.

Information on the actual currency R.O.E. can be found at the following link

Bank Transfers:
Bank Transfers accepted from European countries on Euro currency using the IBAN code, at no surcharge.
For non-European contries, bank transfers are accepted with a surcharge of approx. Euro25 (corresponding to the average bank cashing charges) and with transfer charges to be settled by the Donor directly with his/her bank.

Personal Cheques are not accepted.

Handling Charges:

For questions or contact please email:

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