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Dear Friends,

as you know in the year 2004 I shot a heartfelt jewel entitled 'Starfish Tango'. A jewel due to its gentle touch, due to its awareness purpose, due to the marvellous involvement of so many artists who donated their skills and time in a joint effort to carry forward the message that AIDS is still rampant and is taking its terrible tolls not only in terms of lives of so many people - children, women and men alike - but also for the staggering number of orphans it creates.

Here I'm offering you, by pledging a credit card donation starting from Euro30 (including delivery costs) two special photos taken on the set of my short film. They are special because they remind me of many intense and artistically involving shooting days. Their size is approx. 8" x 5" (20 cms x 13 cms) and they are printed on HP glossy fade-resistance heavy photographic paper.

...and as a bonus and as a way of thanking you for your support, together with those two photos we will be sending you the 'Starfish Tango' short film on a special Business-Card Mini-DVD.

You can find some information about 'Starfish Tango' on the relevant plot page.

Upon your ordering the two photos, you will also be able to choose the proper DVD video format (PAL or NTSC).

Please note that the video format is not important if you intend to watch the movie on your computer, while if you want to watch it on your TV-set, you should indicate the format (e.g. NTSC for USA or PAL for Europe). Those who are not familiar with Mini-DVDs yet should know that these mini-DVDs can be played by inserting them in the usual drive for normal DVDs, but attention should be paid in centering them in the smaller round housing of the drive itself.

Click here to watch the Business Card DVD video instructions.

By emailing us at this address

with your order, we will reply with a detailed message on how to proceed. The photos and the Mini-DVD will be mailed by EMS International Registered AirMail.

Some screenshots from 'Starfish Tango':

Infinite thanks for supporting our goals!

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