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2004 - The long-awaited Anthology is here at long last!

Rutger's 1.34 MB Mpg Video

Yes, "Starfish Tango" is a combination of heart-work and art-work. This first 'dance' gathers together some marvellous writings donated by very gifted authors.

It is a limited-edition 73-page book where you will find many wonderful poems, stories,
letters and shared experiences. There are many written contributions from Rutger (such as his description of a shooting day on the set of the 'Starfish Tango' short movie, still in post-production phase, or some of his 'diary pages', writings where he gives funny and out-of-the-ordinary glimpses into his day-to-day experiences - both on and off sets). There are some colored photos, too.

Equally as important as the book being limited edition, page 3 is the Introduction Page and EACH of the books are progressively numbered on this page which has also been autographed by Rutger. This is not a reproduced autograph. Rutger signed each one of these pages separately, ensuring that all the Introduction Pages passed through his hands for the original autograph.

This Anthology is divided (using an out-of-the-ordinary display, but that's a surprise and we won't reveal more......) into various Chapters. Amongst
them are 'Surfing Poets', 'Dirty Dancing', 'Diary Days', 'Butterfly Birthday' etc. etc.

The Anthology's size is 12" x 8.5" (31 cms x 21 cms).

You can get copies of this limited-edition book by emailing us at

and by pledging a donation starting from Euro 90/each copy. This amount also includes shipment by EMS Registered International Airmail with Delivery Receipt.

Donations are accepted by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only).By emailing us at the above address with your order, we will reply with a detailed message on how to proceed.

Below, we have scanned a copy of the glossy cover of the 'Starfish Tango' Anthology. The scan does not do justice to the beauty, originality and preciousness of this book.

We are also starting to receive the first reviews and comments from some supporters who soon purchased it. Please find herebelow some of them. Thank you again to all of you for your support and your encouraging words!

Dear Starfish,
I received the Starfish Tango Anthology last Friday. Thank you very much.
My donation was prompted by Mr. Hauer’s autobiography “All Those Moments: …,” which I read on a flight to London. The chapters on HIV/AIDS educated me and the touching stories remained with me throughout my travels. I flew Virgin Atlantic Airways -- Virgin Atlantic provides a special envelope to collect spare change with the idea that you won’t need those dimes, quarters, pesos, etc. while traveling abroad. This change is then donated to benefit children’s charities.
With that in mind, when I returned to Los Angeles with about 50 pounds in British currency (and I almost never have money left over!), I decided to donate my “spare change” to Mr. Hauer’s Starfish Association.
By age 34 I had lost both parents, my mother to cancer and my father to heart disease. I have also lost friends, several to AIDS. Sometimes one can feel a little helpless, but after I received the beautiful Starfish Tango Anthology, I felt that I gave a hug, and got one back.
Cheers and best wishes!                                 Janis Price

Dearest Starfishes (and of course Rutger)!
Thank you so much for the wonderful anthology "Starfish Tango".
It's a magical piece of work and art. For Rutger, a labour of love, I think.
Thank you so much for the autographed copy that reached my postal service station the other day. A truly great Christmas present.
The layout and artwork are just great, and the texts are beautiful/touching/sad/uplifting reading.
Once again, thanks a lot for all the heart and hard work that so clearly lies behind this finished edition of "Starfish Tango".
I do hope that there somehow will be further issues in the series.
Finally, all the best season greetings to all Starfishes, wherever you are on the globe, from                                                    Per

It's truly brilliant and I'm so thrilled that I'm part of the first edition.
My copy was waiting for me when I arrived home from work last night.
What a lovely surprise to end to my hectic day!
All those involved have done a marvelous job and must be so proud of this achievement. Please pass on my thanks to Rutger for actually making this happen.
It was well worth the wait. Many thanks again.
With kind regards to all.                                   Corinne


I bid on his anthology because of my firm belief in Rutger's cause and, now, a year and a half later, in him.
He should be very proud of his anthology. It’s quite beautiful, a feast for the eyes. The transparencies are gorgeous, especially, of course, the ones he chose of himself and his famous eyes and face. But the other ones are most well-thought-out, artistic and dramatic. The layout was easy to get through.
It’s a feast for the heart because of the people emphasis. He managed to get in MANY names and pieces so that MANY people can feel a part of the project. He included people from all over the world so the project doesn’t seem so Europe-USA centered. Also, he pushed all the right buttons by choosing some very moving excerpts from his Days Out of Days. Truly, it is a labor of love. I'm so glad he did this. I look forward to another one. But, if he does only this one, then that is JUST FINE and it can stand alone as his one anthology, a unique and true labor of love.
It’s a feast for the brain because, as Rutger wrote, "It’s a spiritual charge, with wit and intelligence." The anthology would never get past many people (other than the standard groupies) over 18 years old if it didn’t appeal to the intellect. There has to be more than pretty and emotional (as least for me). There’s pretty and emotional enough on his website already – flowers and honey every day ("splish-splash," as he wrote once). I think that the standard human heart can only be reached through the standard human brain, and, by engaging said standard human brain so completely, he reaches most (even the most hardened and cynical of) standard human hearts. Good on him.
It’s already established that Rutger spreads his compassion all over the world with his website and takes his compassion to the children and women with HIV/AIDS to a very personal and intimate level, the ONLY level that really counts and does ANY good to the human spirit. However, his anthology is a new and interesting expression for him. I didn’t know he had it in him. Lol. One never knows about another person really because one, especially a rich and famous person like Rutger, can "buy" style, glitz, ghostwriters, almost everything. But his anthology comes from his heart. That’s evident with Starfish Tango.
I don’t really know him, of course, and never will, but I can and do see a side of him in his anthology that is really "out there" and shows a most vulnerable and deeply committed side of his persona.
Warmest regards,                                            Yvonne

Dear Rutger and St*rfish,
I received my copy of the Starfish Tango book and I have to tell you it is beautiful! I would have never thought that Rutger would have so much time to devote to this wonderful project as he did. I am proud to have a small contribution in the book. Being chosen for a short story inclusion is an honor.
The artistry is astounding and breath-taking at the same time. The transparencies are so appropriate and it is clear to me that the creator of these 'dividers' is extremely artistic.
The short stories are great! I love the "Who the F* is Roy Batty" one especially. The 'fan letters' made me laugh, but I know that they are heart-felt and each one is precious. So much creativity is captured in the pages of this book that it is a tribute to all who had one minute of time devoted to its contents and creation. It can be called nothing less than a labor of love from front to back.
What is so precious to me regarding the book is knowing that many, many hours must have been spent by Rutger and his Starfish staff to produce such a tribute to what Rutger and Starfish stand for in their struggle to help innocent AIDS victims. The tribute to Debra was haunting and heart-breaking.
Of course, the Fifi interview was an absolute riot. Such creative minds!
Thank you, Rutger, Starfish and all who have contributed their time and energies to this fantastic piece of work. I will cherish the book always.
I could think of no better way to contribute to Starfish and the fight against AIDS that to order a copy of this Anthology. It is money well spent to get a masterpiece of this sort and know that every dime of the money will go to help the less fortunate - women and children with AIDS.


Hello all! I have spent the last few days perusing my new copy of Starfish Tango.
A nice little book - I like the color transparencies between chapters, it gives it a nice touch. Several of our on-line authors were definitely showcased in this Anthology (Congratulations!) and the chapters were nicely divided with RH's writings in the fore - and of course there was info about the main issue, Starfish. A nice dedication.
All in all a very entertaining read, and a must-have for RH fans, because of the Day out of Days section highlighting his most interesting and hilarious experiences over the past 5 years. Worth every penny, in my opinion.
Oh - and Fifi's interview - well, I don't want to ruin it for you! see for yourself!
Take care all!                                                 Tori


The reviews eloquently describe my response to the St*rfish Tango Anthology treasure.
I have only my own thanks to add for my copy.
A wonderful tribute to Debra, as well as the many others represented by this deeply-felt effort.
Happy and safe New Year, Mr. Hauer and family, and GB family.

Hi Rutger & St*rfish! I just wanted to let you know that I received my copy of the St*rfish Tango Anthology and it is ABSOLUTELY great!
I remember you speaking so highly of Debra and it was a very beautiful thing for you to dedicate the first issue of the book to her. It saddens me that so many must die and so many children are also sick with AIDS and end up orphaned. Your heart is as golden as the starfish earrings you gave to Debra.
I see so much of your work in the Anthology and also the work of the contributing story tellers, poets, other fans and your staff.
The Butterfly Birthday is amazing and I am stunned at the poetic beauty of your words and the pictures concerning the "St*rfish Tango' - The Movie. That will truly be awesome to watch.
The book is so beautiful with the transparency dividers. It is a wonderful and fitting tribute to Mothers and children with AIDS and money well spent to support the charity.
My hat is off to all who worked to help make your idea of a St*rfish Tango book a reality.

Happy to say that I received a copy of 'Starfish Tango' and was amazed to see the work that went into Rutger's Labor Of Love; many small and large nuggets for fans to chew over both sad and hilarious.
A big thanks to Rutger and the team.
I'm proud to have played my little part in it along with the unstoppable Miss FiFi.


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