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This page is dedicated to all the individuals who decided to support Rutger's Starfish in many different ways. With your authorization, we mention your names here. The great 'Starfish' family will get bigger and bigger.

Our help and support is making a great difference to the people who are affected by the HIV/AIDS disease.

Holly Ibach
Gaye McNeill
Pamela K. Haywood
Linda Hopton
Sarah J. Murray
Sandy Corkins-Schmidt
Joel and Sharon Rice
Tammy Wagner
Wendy Claar
Jamie Awtry
Gaye Smith
Sharon Remackel
Sue Ellwood
Sue Lambright
Caz McElwee
Patricia Nickel
Lisa Shelton
Nicholas Zogopoulos
Andrés Redon
David Caldwell
Alma Cottingham
Vera Richter
Anne Wickenden
Shai Lasher
Jacqueline Benipayo
Eva Lucas
Arvin Clay
Christine Messerli
Carole Ketterer
Michael Hauk
Per Lundberg
Diane Bannister
Edward Fiorentino
Linda Turner
Ellen Knight
Karim Kronfli
Christine Wellman
Martin Perry
Diane Elisabeth Muir
Robert Tyrrel
Michael Dave Guller Grønvall-Pedersen
Cheryl Wells
Edward Fiorentino
Joseph Wright
Matthew Bickley
Gail Watson
Stephen Wollett
Joan Ellis
Kim Cruger
Sandra Brockmann
Gina Washington
Carola Nilsson
Diana Daneri
Angie Cole
Suzanne Hanrahan
Barbara Wallace
Tatyana Neytor
Linda Darling
Hiroki and Sandra McKee-Yoshihara
Roberta Di Napoli 
Arwin Haalboom
John Schneiderwind
Scott Liston
Yvonne L. Banuet-Alvers
Kal Gortman
Joann Rovetti
Jan Finke
Helen Zwaan
Evert-Jan Hielema
Sabonna Keeney
Julie Till
Vincent Legros
Carol Brown
Cees van Gils
Debra Denicola
Gerald Furry
Gitta Kruisbrink
Viola Mirmina

A special thanks also goes to Peggy Dixon, who - further than supporting Rutger's 'Starfish' - is also fighting a battle of her own. Learn about the additional support she is bestowing to an extremely worthy cause by clicking here. Peggy, we are so proud of you! ....and of course our heartfelt thanks also go to the supporters who chose to remain anonymous!

Your names are all part of our family!



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