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Starfish Second International Fundraiser
Milton Keynes (UK), September 20-22, 2002 - The Centre:mk

The Starfish Booth

Milton Keynes is surrounded by a marvellous green countryside

with plenty of cute animals....

ooopsss...sorry,we meant these!


MK has the world's longest shopping arcade...

...with over 3 miles of shop fronts...

The Middleton Hall...

...where St*rfish booth was located

My St*rfish Staff

Let's start!

Some autographs on a lot of nice items!

A "Blade Runner" "patchwork"

A "Wanted Dead or Alive" drawing

A "The Hitcher" poster

And another one

A "Blade Runner" book

A marvellous Roy Batty "spray" portrait by Steve Simmons

A 12" "Roy Batty" figure


...and more pictures...

A "Blade Runner" poster

A "Ladyhawke" poster...

...a "Salute of the Jugger" one, too!

...and some funny lines!

...and I'll wonder what I'll be signing next....

a dove!....

...a doll...

....yes, also a bear's paw...

..............a sword.....

and a camera too!

Sunday night - two"Blade Runner" screenings, Q&A sessions.....
...and a midnight earthquake, too!....

Cineworld, the screening venue

Acting Is Joy
(mp3 audio - 618kb)

Most of What I Do...
(mp3 audio - 190kb)

Nexus 6 Are Designed Tools.. I'm a Tool...
(mp3 audio - 624 kb)


(mp3 audio - 682 kb)

(mp3 audio - 596 kb)

My Agent Sent Me a Script ...
(mp3 audio - 713 kb)

One Thing Struck Me...
(mp3 audio -395 kb)

I Talked to Ridley..
(mp3 audio - 609 kb)

My Challenge...
(mp3 audio -1.3 Mb)

Roy Batty's Metamorphosis...
(mp3 audio - 327kb)

Giving some interviews...

Meeting big fans....

...and small ones, too!...

Another Starfish Initiative - The Teddy-Bear Raffle

This wonderful teddy bear has been hand-made by lovely Carole..

Teddy Bear & Killerlook together

I autographed one of its paws...

....Drawing the winner's ticket on Monday morning...

and calling the surprised winner, Sue from Hampshire!

The winning ticket (we erased the phone # for privacy reasons)

Some moments here and there...

I was astounded to see so many people standing in line for hours to shake my hand

With the lovely 2-months-in-a-row highest donor to Starfish cause

Some sweet moments....

.....and funny ones, too!

A small celebration with my staff before leaving. The result has been FANTASTIC!

Thank you for all the gifts. They are heartwarming and much appreciated!

And to all of you, who turned also this Starfish Fundraiser into another unmatched memory, THANK YOU!! and......

Till next!.....

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