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Starfish First International Fundraiser
New York, June 28-30, 2002 - Madison Square Garden

The Starfish Booth

The Madison Square Garden Entrance

The Starfish booth

First Fundraiser Day

The Convention has not opened yet

Defining the last details...

Never done this before...

With 3 Starfish arms...

and another arm sitting next to me...

Starfish team

Starfish team

With Bill Lee

With Rich, the convention promoter

With Larry, from MSG

Reaching the end of "Day 3"

Getting ready to...

...pack up...

The Q&A Session on 'Blade Runner' at MSG on Friday evening

Answering some questions

with my "BR father"...
Joe Turkel

and a lot of nice memories..

Joe has so many great stories to tell!

This ol' YOUNG Joe...

with tonnes of humour and wit!

..1st signature

Rutger Hauer

..234th signature

Rutger Hauer

..366th signature

Rutger Hauer

..444th signature

Rutger Hauer

..680th signature

Rutger Hauer

..771st signature

Rutger Hauer

..856th signature
Rutger Hauer
Rutger H....!
(audio clip!!)

After all these years, I met again with..

Joe Turkel

Posing together...

..for some pictures

A Blade Runner painting

donated to Joe

Billy Dee Williams

We had worked together in "Nighthawks"

Signing some autographs..

And a new-found friend - Virginia Hey

Saturday Night - a 'Blade Runner' screening and Q&A Session

Some directing tips?
(mp3 audio- 658 kb)

Batty sexuality...
(mp3 audio - 753 kb)

Batty sexuality part 2
(mp3 audio - 439 kb)

How was it, with Harrison Ford?...
(mp3 audio - 778 kb)

Just a doll...
(mp3 audio - 949 kb)

Is Harrison Ford a Replicant?
(mp3 audio - 1.17 mb)

Which is your favourite movie?
(mp3 audio - 865 kb)

The TV is....
(mp3 audio - 531 kb)

The Future is old....
(mp3 audio - 458 kb)

You can be brilliant so many times in your lifetime
(mp3 audio - 724kb)

You don't create a moment - it finds you!
(mp3 audio - 1.08 mb)

Some strange appearances...

Love at first sight..

A viking passing by...

and his girlfriend...

Some nice encounters...

Taking pictures with some nice ladies

The love of...

...dedicated fans

And some wonderful people...

A howl, just to celebrate, under Joe's puzzled look


What fun!

Some marvellous ladies

A great supporting lady

Asking questions...


with a lot of supporters

Great people!

Taking pictures with a lot of them...

...and joking too!

A beautiful starfish passing by!

T H U D !

Some pictures displayed above have been kindly supplied by Bobbie, Mo, Renee, Snowy, Tori, Wendy
and the Wolfpack! Thanks to Janet and JoAnn for some of them, too!

Some great Wolfpack members...

To all of you, who made this first Starfish Fundraiser an unforgettable experience, a big THANK YOU!!from all of us

Till next!.....

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