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P.O. Box 635
Dar es Salaam,
Phone : +255744972946

Dear Sweet All,

PharmAccess Foundation is an NGO established in the Netherlands and supporting the Ministry of Health of Tanzania in its effort to role out a national HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program.

The aim of the program is to provide free antiretroviral medication to all 400,000 HIV+ patients who need treatment by 2008.
PharmAccess has worked on HIV/AIDS programs in Tanzania since 1995, starting with programs to prevent HIV transmission from mother-to-child.
Since then PharmAccess has collaborated closely with the delivery ward of Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam. Muhimbili is the Academic Medical Centre of Tanzania.

All difficult cases are referred to this hospital, so there are many complications with mothers and babies. 80-100 children are born here every day. Mothers stay somewhere in or near the hospital, to feed their children every 3 hours.
Newborns with problems stay in one of the four wards. In two wards there are children with life threatening complications. There are 2 or 3 children per bed, since beds are not enough.

Children with infectious diseases stay together in a third ward, to prevent that they infect non-infected children.

In the fourth ward there are babies without immediate medical problems. These are the children of HIV-positive mothers, and children who have been abandoned immediately after birth (two or three children per week). These orphans stay a few weeks in the hospital until they go to an orphanage. In Europe or the U.S. most children would be kept in an incubator. Muhimbili Hospital however has no incubators. Three or four heaters per ward keep the rooms at body temperature, i.e. over 35 D Celsius / 95 DFahrenheit.The heaters are not a bad alternative for the incubators, but they run day-in, day-out. They are seriously worn-out. Poverty is everywhere.

The delivery department of Muhimbili Hospital moved to a new building in January 2006 but there are no funds to replace equipment, beds and furniture. Mr. Geert Haverkamp, Country Director of PharmAccess in Tanzania and Board of Advisors Member of Starfish, has started a small campaign to replace ten heaters, beds and some furniture.

Starfish has sponsored the purchase of these heaters, but also additional support is badly needed to face other emergencies and needs. Please do not hesitate to contact Geert Haverkamp if you want more information about this campaign or about PharmAccess activities in Tanzania.

Mr. G. Haverkamp
PharmAccess Foundation
PO Box 635
Dar es Salaam,
Tel +255744972946

Contributions are accepted via credit card procedure, by donating on this St*rfish page (click the link herebelow):

Credit card donations

In case of credit card donation for this Tanzania Project, after having performed it, please send also an email informing about your support, to:

and to:

You can also support through bank transfers, as follows:

- Beneficiary: G. Haverkamp, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
- Bank: Postbank, Amsterdam
- BIC Code : PSTBNL21
- IBAN code: NL02PSTB0003279660

(please always mention the IBAN code in your transfer instructions to your bank, as well as 'Tanzania Project' as a reference).

2008 Update

The post natal ward (Baby Ward) of Muhimbili is moving to a renovated building in February.



They have ordered 15 cots to increase the number of beds there. So far there are 70 cots and sometimes there are 200 children in the ward. So most of the cots have 3 children. This is a very bad situation that needs to be improved. At least 130 cots are urgently needed.

Muhimbili is a referral hospital, so many babies have serious problems, including infections. It is easy to understand that 3 children per cot is a dramatic situation.

The renovated ward has more space, so more beds can be placed there.

Starfish is gathering funds to be used to buy more cots and oxygen pumps. Each bed/cot cost approx. $250 (or Euro 180). Each room needs 1 or 2 pumps. Currently there are 2 pumps for 5 rooms.

Help us!

Thank You!

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