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Starfish AIDS Awareness Event
The Angel Ride - Cape Town (South Africa) - November 27, 2004

After a lot of preparation work, some 50 motorcycles headed to the Delft township with the purpose to take to the streets and perform for the people there, involving them, too, and spread a bit of AIDS awareness in places where this is still a taboo subject.

And a local family expert in handcrafted bead works prepared for my motorcycle helmet a unique cover as a homage to 'St*rfish'.

A wonderful, colorful helmet cover with many starfish and AIDS ribbon designs.

On the AngelRide day, there were dances and bands playing in the streets. We gave our gifts, mostly necessary things such as food, but of course also simple toys and candies for kids.

A sewing machine to put some women into business - sustainability is one of the most important topics to help HIV-stricken people to face their/their families harsh realities.

The AngelRide was born as a big surprise. I had bought 500 red ribboned balloons to be released at the beginning of the ride.

Some great artists were there with me - Pieter Dirk Uys, a very special stand-up performer who was in charge of heading the 'gang' as Evita Bezuidenhout (one of his drag queen characters).

Ruby Wax promptly joined us. As Ruby. She is a sweetheart, in the real meaning of the word. She was in town to shoot a movie and after my contacting her she got aboard in a second.

Before the ride I had gone shopping - things that would have made sense, apart from a bit of joy for kids.

10 bags (200 lbs) of E-pap, a very energetic porridge
10 lbs of Brown Sugar
Condensed Milk
Peanut Butter
Boxes of Beef Stock
100 boxes of Washing Powder
10 Bubble Blowing Cannisters
Soccer Balls
5 Jumping Ropes
10 Kid Backpacks
2 Boxes of Babyfood
1 sewing machine

Things that they cannot afford normally, because poverty doesn't allow them to...

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