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Sunday, October 16
-- Attendance Cancelled --

Dear friends and supporters,

Due to a very positive event in her private life, Sarah must postpone to a date to be fixed (next year or so) her Starfish fundraising attendance to this year's Marathon.

She is therefore taking a well deserved rest from her running training and she will keep us posted about her further news.

In the meantime we are sure that her present positive news is dedicated to her lovely Mum, Janet Murray, who never wanted any fuss and was always thinking of others before herself even when she was ill, and who, on July 28th, surrendered her fight against a very nasty and sneaky enemy: cancer.

Just like her special daughter, Sarah's Mum was a very special lady. Her great sense of humour will be very much missed.

A warm tight hug to Sarah!


Sunday, May 22

Warming up for the October marthon, on May 22 Sarah took part in another 10k marathon in Manchester.
This was a reunion run with the 4 friends she first ran with back in 2002.
It was a sort of 'fun run' and Sarah considered it as a preparation for the 'real thing' in October.
Her race number was 9499, she was in the top 1000 runners and at the front, behind the elite 'orange wave'.

Sarah sent us a delightful photographic report:

Their very first run in 2002!

Some photos of Sarah in the 'white wave' and running running running to the finish line

Proudly showing their beautiful medals! Very well done, ladies!

A lovely group photo with (l. to r.) Kirstie, Emma, Angela, Ally and Sarah.


Sunday, March 15

Dear fantastic friends and supporters,

No. 14 of her 'Starfish runs', and Sarah made it again, sailing through the marathon in her usual, unmistakable, resolute, brilliant way!

Let's follow her in the following photographic detailed account (courtesy of Glynn) of her 14th Starfish athletics accomplishment...

We have received some beautiful official photos of Sarah during her run. These photos have been taken by the Silverstone marathon organization. Enjoy them!

Sarah's before
the run...

 with her beloved Glynn...

...Happy runs

the beautiful

ever stopping...

running thru the air!

Nearly there...

...crossing the finish line!

And last but not least, Sarah has now gathered all of her sponsor supports. She has reached the fantastic amount of Euro 417.00!!
Wonderfully done, Sarah!
And a zillion thanks to all the friends who have so nicely supported her!

But let's go on with discovering her beautiful 2015 t-shirt, especially designed by Tori Ratcliffe for this Marathon:

look - by clicking on the above thumbnail - at the red footprints resembling the AIDS red ribbon symbol: they are so cute and original!
Tori's online shop is

Sarah's 2015 Marathon took place in the prestigious Silverstone Circuit in England, next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury. The circuit straddles the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border, with the current main circuit entry on the Buckinghamshire side. The nearest large towns are Northampton and Milton Keynes.
Silverstone is the current home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948.
The 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the first race in the newly created Formula One World Championship.

Overviews of the Silverstone Circuit and the Marathon Course

Ready?... Steady?....

Sarah's pre-run

 getting ready for the 'go' signal...

...all the runners are ready to start...

Sarah's POV:
On the run!

...a view of the Silverstone circuit

...some runners on the track...

...running and running uphill..

...and here's Sarah...

...running, while others just walk...

Sarah is running uphill....

..never giving up, keeping her pace...

...and crossing the finishline!

The happy 'postrun' moments...

...proudly showing her medal...

...and leaving Silverstone...

but it doesn't end here... more beautiful photos to come soon!

Click here for some notes with Sarah's first impressions regarding her umpteenth successful marathon

You can also visit Sarah's Marathons fundraising pages:

and her Facebook page :

Sarah, an embracing heartfelt 'THANK YOU' from Rutger and all of us! Your dedication to Starfish's goals is so much praiseworthy that words to express our gratitude haven't been invented yet!


Sunday, May 18

Dear friends and loyal supporters,

Update June 26: Sarah has now collected all of her sponsor funds, which amount to the stunning total of Euro 681.00!!!
Heartfelt thanks to our lovely Sarah and all her fantastic supporters!

Sarah made it again with 'flying colors', like the red-ribboned angel-like wings on her t-shirt!

Tori Ratcliffe designed Sarah's Marathon T-shirt.
Her online shop is and here is Sarah wearing it, just before her Run:

Marvellous, isn't it?

The wording on it says: 'This year, my angels run with me. Suzanne Fleischman-Druge Gilbert and Margie Lynn Hall. Dedicated to those who supported our cause, even while losing their own battles against cancer and addiction'.

Suzanne Fleischman-Druge Gilbert, died of breast and liver cancer on 3rd July 2013. There is a memorial facebook page for Suzanne which shows how much she was loved and is missed:
Margie Hall, suddenly died over Christmas 2013, beloved sister of Tori Ratcliffe and affectionately known as 'Diz' to all her friends.

Take a look now at Sarah's photographic report of her successful Run:

Pre-run course...

 and excitement ...



...and running...

...and running...

...and running..

...and running..

...and running..

An aerial view...

And her post-run joy

Official medal photo!

Sarah kissing her well deserved medal, but.....

HUGE kiss goes to her from all of us!!!!


Those who want to support her efforts have still some time left: just visit Sarah on her page:


Sunday, March 17

Another year... another marathon!

And another successful result from our marvellous running lady!

Here below is the photographic report of Sarah's Liverpool Adventure
(click on the thumbs for the bigger version):

Liverpool - Museum & Mersey

Mersey on a cloudy

Sarah and the Royal Liver Building

Sarah and the Mersey panorama

Sarah with her great 'Starfish outfit'

The beautiful t-shirt designed by Tori

Sarah in a pre-run happy & relaxed pose

The Liverpool marathon start

Sarah running to the marathon finish line

Sarah's official finish line photo!

She brilliantly made it again!

Sarah showing her medal!

Sarah's beautiful 'Starfish' t-shirt has been designed and printed by Tori - you can visit her online shop on this link:

What can we say to succeed in conveying Starfish's infinite gratitude for her constant and precious support?


Sarah's video about Starfish:


Sunday, October 21

Another very successful fundraising result accomplished by Sarah and her marvellous running legs, in this special celebration year: 10 years of her running for supporting Starfish's goals!

Here is the beautiful photo report of Sarah's Dutch adventure:

Sarah with her bib #

...and in the 'Starfish'

...pre-run moments

Getting ready...

...studying the route...

... in the Stadium

Almost a Stadium lap!

A fully packed Stadium

Thumbs-up and smiling!

Funny 'marathon slogs'!

Running for Starfish!

A medal is waiting for her!

The 2002 Finish!

Sarah's 2002 Medal...

..and her 2012 one...




June 2011 - Sarah and Joe hit the target!!

This year's raised amount is GBP 400 (or Euro 450)!

Heartfelt thanks for your steady and precious support
and for this umpteenth successful achievement!

April 2011 - Another successful result accomplished by Sarah, with Joe's promotional help!

Let's hear, directly from Sarah, her impressions and comments:

"I did think of it as an adventure. Brighton Rocks!

The Brighton Pavillion          Sea and Sand

Gorgeous view of the sea and the pier from our hotel and I got to see a fair bit of the place on my run.

Fantastic to meet the lovely Joe at last and her lovely other half and sweet daughter. We all spent a wonderful evening together.

Well I did it, I completed a marathon and although it didn't go exactly according to plan I am very happy to have done this.

off to my place!

I thoroughly enjoyed the run, the atmos was terrific as it always is at these events I was ding brilliantly, I was running well and was making good time for the first half, 13 miles.

5 miles....  

5 miles done...

13 miles halfway!....

Then at mile 15 developed pain in the back of my left leg, this got progressively worse throughout both of my legs with the odd twinge of cramp. I knew what it was straight away, salt depletion and I knew I would be walking most of the rest of the way by mile 21 I couldn't run at all and my fingers had all swollen up so I went to the nearby paramedics who gave me a couple of salty drinks then I was on my way again, keeping my hands in the air as advised.

At mile 16 a lady with a tannoy stopped me and gave a shout out for Starfish.

I managed to run the last 50 metres over the finish line to lots of cheers.

at finish line!!

Got unexpectedly emotional because after all my training, efforts etc I had hoped to do this in 4.5 hours not the full 6. Britain has been in a heatwave this past week and I just cannot run in the sun, just as I struggle to swim in warm water. All has to be cool-ish for me.

However I did it and got my medal damn it!

with medal and Starfish t-shirt!

There were some poor souls worse off than me.

runners by Pavillion...

My fingers were normal size again by 8.30ish.

....postrun joy!

So now I'm at the recovery and rebuilding of the body stage. Lots of rest, fluids and sleep.

just want to sleep!...

I am fortunate in that I can recover. We do not choose where we are born: it is a lottery. Not everyone has adequate food, clean water and decent healthcare. Isn't that something to think about?

Thank you very much to Joe for the most beautiful t-shirt ever! I wore it with pride and it is rather salty now but I shall wash it gently and put it in my treasure trove.

t-shirt front

t-shirt back

Thanks to Joe and her family for coming along to meet and support me.

chatting with Joe

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported me, it really does mean a lot to me and does make a difference!"




Sunday, May 16


Another successful result for Sarah and her Great Manchester run!

She succeeded in gathering Euro 254 to support Starfish's goals!

Let's hear, directly from her, her first impressions and comments:

It has been a great day, my new shoes served me well and I managed to shave 10 minutes off my time.

On days like today, seeing all folks are doing to make a difference and raise funds, I can only see the positive side of people.

I now have sore feet and a sunburnt forehead.

But I've survived and am now rehydrating, hoping it will kill headache. So now it's time to collect funds. Thank you to all who had faith in me to give me theirs before the run.

I shall reveal the total when I have it all. Speaking of revelations here we go, my exciting news. I have registered for next year's fun run already, this will be the Brighton Marathon, yes MARATHON, on 10th April.

As I'm still collecting for this run and getting over it, I'm not expecting any sponsorship for this just yet. Not that I ever expect anyway, only hope.

I am happy and honoured to do this for Starfish. So a week of rest now then I'm back in training and stepping it up a notch.

Here am I, crossing the finishing line:

And let's keep an eye on Sarah's blog for further news and thoughts from her and her training:




May 20, 2009

Another successful year for Sarah and her Great Manchester run!

The BUPA Greater Manchester 10k Run took place on Sunday 17th May around Manchester city centre. As always, Sarah is offering the sponsorship raised to Starfish, to help us in accomplishing our goals. To sponsor her is easy: please visit her Website here : Sarah is available to answer any questions regarding that or the race.

Here are the first photos she sent on to us, with her own comments. And her own big heart too!

Before the start, with my Starfish T-shirt... and my 'atheist wings'..ready to fly

With my number:30092! waiting in Chinatown..and raring to go...

Queuing for some....laffs and waffles..nom nom nom..

After the Run, with my medal reward..

You can also find additional info directly from Sarah, on
Rutger's Message Board. Soon you will find here more updates about this special initiative.

Sarah, heartfelt thanks for your precious support!



Also this year, Sarah successfully completed the Great Manchester run which was also televised on BBC!!

As usual, sweet Sarah is donating her sponsorship money to Starfish for the ''Tanzania project'' and the Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam. We are helping them to integrate some additional needs, and you can find further info by visiting our relevant Muhimbili Hospital page (see the 2008 Update section).

Sarah dedicated her participation to Mike Psciuk, who passed away on March 3 after a brave fight against illness. Mike was a regular guest in Rutger's website and his writings were an infinite pleasure for all of us to read. Over the years, Mike had gathered around him many cyberfriends who had the luck to enjoy his lovely wit and unmatched humour.

Mike always referred to himself as 'a Scottish writer living, not in the highlands of Scotland, but in the highlands of northern Thailand'.

On Sarah's website ( you will find all additional info about her Run, but herebelow are her 'visual' diaries, that nicely tell us how it all went...

Sarah's ''warming-up wigglewalk''video...

and her pre-run joy!..

And, after 1 hour and 33 minutes... Sarah's satisfaction!..

Sarah's speech video

Thank you Sarah for having given once again such a warm and dedicated support!



In 2007 Sarah succeeded in raising Euro245 for the ''Tanzania project'' and the Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam to support HIV-positive mothers and children stricken by this terrible virus.
All of us at 'Starfish', the Muhimbili Hospital staff, and all those children and mothers, are extremely grateful to Sarah for this additional support from her.
Herebelow you will find some photos that Sarah sent us. They perfectly show how her heartfelt dedication is making a
big difference.

Thank you Sarah!

Posing before the start,

getting ready..

warming up a bit..


the run begins..

and it goes on..

nearly dead..but..

happy for the result!

Thank you from all of us, Sarah!



Sarah brilliantly gathered Euro237 from her sponsorship support. We are donating this amount (rounding the figure to Euro500) to help the Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Mr Haverkamp and his staff's efforts to constantly support HIV-positive mothers and children.

Mr Haverkamp asked us to sincerely thank Sarah and all the people and donors who have helped us in this effort.

Sarah before the run start
'refuelling' with some potassium..
the potassium source!
proudly sporting her medal

during the run

it was also raining!

Thank you Sarah!

Sarah's Certificate

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