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Some wonderful Companies are helping Starfish.

I want to thank them all for their precious support.

Great companies made by great people.

With my gratitude,

The personal trainer Wim Sikma can help you achieve your weight loss, strength and fitness goals in the best possible way. A personal trainer is much more than a simple coach: he is also someone you can trust in, a teacher, a source of inspiration and motivation.
Visit him at

Sportcentrum Unifit is a premier sports, health and wellness center. It offers massage, coach training, sauna and countless types of training possibilities with qualified personal trainers: cardiofitness, pilates, spinning, total workouts, kickboxing, kinesis, and many more!
It is your place for health and fitness.
Visit them at

Studio Arsenal TV was established in 1998. The General Producer and General Director of this film company is Mrs Katerina Alexandrovna Vetrova. Since 1998, Studio Arsenal TV has been producing TV programs and feature films.
Visit them at their most recent production

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the prestigious home video distribution arm of the legendary 20th Century Fox film studios.
Visit them at

Oilily is a premium worldwide fashion label that focuses on creative, independant women of all ages, who have a passionate interest in contemporay, artisan fashion. Oilily's strong brand personality is inspiring, joyful, fearless, young at heart, cosmopolitan and seductive, relaxed and soulful: an endless source of inspiration and aspiration for everyone!
Visit them at

Warner Home Video is the home video unit of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. Warner Bros, is one of the world's largest producers of film and television entertainment and the third-oldest American movie studio in continuous operation.
Visit them at
Van Bommel is a very old and firmly established Dutch luxury shoe manufacturer which dates back to 1734 and has carried on a tradition of excellence since that time.
Visit them at
The idea of a specialized condom shop was conceived in 1987 during a lively discussion in an Amsterdam restaurant about the disease that has occupied our thoughts since the beginning of the 80's - AIDS and so, Marijke Vilijn, Ricky Jansen and Theodoor van Boven decided to put their idea into practice. They established this "innovative and specialized shop.
Visit them at
Blueseahorse is a non-profit organization for Women and Children affected by the HIV/AIDS virus. This organization and all the work associated with it has been created and is managed by the artist Anaximander (based Berlin and Bad Karlshafen, Germany) in cooperation with her friend and colleague Lilah Dahl (based in Kansas, USA).
In January 1928 a Dutch business magazine named Succes was published. Due to the rapid growth of the publication Succes became active in a wide range of areas; courses were organized, and books for the business sector were published. In 1933 the first Succes Organizer appeared. Within a few years the Succes Organizer had become a familiar item internationally.
Visit them at


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