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I am pessimistic about the future.  People do not stand up for anything anymore, and they just live day to day not thinking about the future.  I watch talk shows, and even in my practice, and see how many people have unprotected sex with several partners, and then they have a baby without knowing who the father is. 

Worse than that, the more people they sleep with, the higher the risk of contacting AIDS or some other STD.  It is so sad, people do not seem to care, or think they will get anything. 

I have a 22 year old nephew who runs around and does not practice safe sex.  I cannot believe how uneducated he is, even though he is a bright young man.  He thinks that if he scrubs himself after sex, that he will not contact anything. 

AIDS affects everybody, not just the poor and indigent.  Teens are having sex at an alarming rate, and are not using protection--even though they have been told again and again.  The results are unwanted children, or babies with HIV, both of these groups then suffer the rest of their lives.

Teens and young people are very careless.  Sadly, I do not think that most parents are aware of what is going on.  Sex to teens, and young people, is like going to a movie, it is just something fun to do.  There is no emotion involved at all.  There is no thought to it, it is just a spontaneous action.  Young girls will have sex at the drop of a hat, with whomever, where ever.

Teens only think that people who get AIDS are homosexual, drug users, or poverty stricken people. 

It is a shame that more people are not like Mr Hauer.  He seems to be a kind and caring person, not like the rest who contribute to causes just to get noticed.  I will continue to support his organization, because of who he is, and because I see first hand the results caused by people who simply do not care.  There are many sick children out there, with AIDS, drug addiction, and other birth diseases caused by ignorance and lack of morality. 

It makes me sick to see these children have to go through their lives, fighting a battle just because somebody did not stop to think about what they were doing.  I have never had any children of my own, simply because I did not think I would be a good parent.  Now, I regret it, but did not want to raise a child by myself, or have to leave them at a sitter.  I work very long hours, and so I have sacrified -- now I do regret it.


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