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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #2

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Not exactly a back stroke, either - I still think it applies to some! Just not ALL. More of a clarifier? // There were a couple of times in the movie, when Pris got a-hold of him, with her legs - I thought he should have had his head bashed in and he didn't - so that makes you wonder a bit, too. I like movies that make you wonder, a bit. The ones you can sit and discuss for hours are the good ones, to me. (Then again, I also like a piece of mindless, funny nonsense now and again, too!) I wonder what happened to all the funny movies. I loved stuff like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Dudley Moore, in Unfaithfully Yours. And on TV - Carol Burnett! Now it's all reality crap and SNL. Maybe I'm getting too old to understand today's humor. I miss the old stuff. Just plain fun." Tori

"Hi Rutger and The Gang, I think I've already mentioned that I like the original version of BladeRunner better. To me having Dekard as a replicant takes away the beauty of it; the android teaching the human a lesson about humanity, and I'm afraid I also couldn't see Rachel and a "dishwasher" again that takes away from what makes it special. I'm fond of the scene where Rutger sticks his head out of a window and seems to go into a kind of short trance, and then just as quickly pulls it back in again and continues with his pursuit of Dekard. It's as if he's getting a kick out of being alive for a short time. Anyway, that's my take on it" Mike

"Well on our flight home last monday when I told my beloved I was going to get my Dick out again he almost choked on his coffee! It was a harmless statement but I must be missing something because I don't see whats so funny. Maybe I'm just too innocent, can anyone enlighten me please? *smirk* Finished reading P.K. Dick ;~) When I first saw BR I never gave much thought as to wether Deckard was a rep or not, some people are still on the fence over this argument but I've thought for yrs now that he must be. He's the only replicant who doesn't know he is one. I think maybe Tyrell 'made' him as an extra insurance in case the replicants evolve emotionally before they reach their time to die. This is exactly what happens with Baty and co and hence he is then needed to retire them. So everybody knows he's a replicant except himself but naughty Gaff lets him know via the paper unicorn. Oh well at least thats after sorting out the rogue reps. I thought too that Rachael was portrayed as more human in BR than in the book. Afterall in BR, she doesn't know shes a replicant initially and she has trouble accepting this,and in fact gets emotional about it, doubting herself. There may be times when she seems cold but what human doesn't have a distant frosty moment every now and then? Was she just keeping Deckard at arms length? Thats how I see it anyway. In the book she knows all along shes a rep and in fact teases Deckard at one point about being human in a derogatory fashion.I've never even thought of that scene as a 'rape scene' before either. (In fact, in the book she seduces him). Deckard has feelings for Rachael and is forceful with her because he wants her to acknowledge that she does have her own feelings even though she now knows shes a rep. Once she has got in touch with her own feelings they can live happy ever after. This only works if even though Deckard who believes hes human, is in lust with Rachael rather than love. She reaches her expiry date he gets over it quickly and moves on, possibly to another rep (haha, LOL).If not phased when seeing the paper unicorn he may think oh what the hell I don't know when my time to die is anyway. In the book Deckard is more obsessed with buying animals preferably a real one. Everybody seems to have a pet and it is more prestigious to have a real one. But an artificial one passed off as a real one is better than nothing. Only the owner (and seller) of a particular animal knows wether its real or not. Paralelled(sp gone mad?) in BR by needing a specific test, Voigt Kampff or whatever to find a rep amongst humans. Possibly in the film Deckard may've had a pet obsession. Hinted at as he asks if Tyrells owl is artificial and also asks Zhora if her snake is real. Certainly in the book I thought he was more likely to see to an animal than either Rachael or his wife heehee! Put simply without all the discussion about degrees of humanity, if you are an android and somebody wants to do the wild thing with ya then yes you are their personal shagbot or however you want to describe it. Well I've waffled into the weekend so that's it.'' Minty

"Yeah, Mikey - I love that scene too - closing his eyes and enjoying the rain for a moment before moving on. // What's the deal with the Wilbur Mercer religion? The androids try to expose it as fake - which it probably was - but the humans don't care, because it's an emotional fusion - a way of everyone finding unity with each other. Didn't matter how fake it was, it was the feeling, the togetherness, the being-as-one thing that mattered. // I got tickled by the fight at the beginning of the book, too, that Deckerd had with his wife. 'If you dial more venom, then so will I, and we'll REALLY have a fight - common - I dare you!' And then she says, 'I've set myself up for a 6 hour self-accusatory depression.' So much like real life - WITHOUT a box to turn it off or on! We women - no one will ever understand us. Not even us." Tori

"Yeah Tori that Mercer thing is curious but strangely addictive to the humans who can't seem to live without it.
Live by it even when not fused.
More android than android I'd say,haha! Not getting into this wayyyyyy passed my zedtime!" Sarah


"OK then....maybe a giant purple alien the size of Mars is observing us through a microscope the size of Venus at this very moment. Mother earth is a giant petra dish and we are all the teeny microorganisms floating around in a test-tube full of it's polluted salty water.And,here's my somewhat crazy input on the bladerunner issue..Lets just say the white dove was the ONLY living sensible(blood n guts)damn thing and the entire movie and it's robotic people was just a figment of it's imagination seen through it's black shiny could have been high on narcotics and we were observing it's narcotic birdlike electric dream through it's glazy eye.Maybe an optical illusion!Nobody really existed!crazy...crazy...YES I know it's just too damn crazy! But then,I just wanna be different..I'm just a silly battyhead and I don't really exist anyway,I'm just a figment of your human imagination.Now please,do ekscooze me,I really do have to take my daily dosage of valium now...straight jacket optional." Jackie

"The Mercer, merge+mercy? I wonder was it that P K Dick was thinking about when he wrote that? Deckard didn't like Mercer, he always had doubts. Then he found out the truth behind it all. ///:And about the BR movie scenes, I think the one in which Rutger goes head on through the wall is one of the craziest and oddest (that's why I like it!) in the movies I've seen. I always wondered did it hurt to do that? What material was the wall made of? ....and if you can't play..." O'cider

"Interesting to read the Blade chat - I must go back to both movie and book (the latter I read 20 years ago so have forgotten totally!). But about the film, I loved the texture of it. Was fascinated by the idea and a little scared that this might be a 'future' world for the human race if they kept going where they were going. It was a very broken world. I never liked Rachel, I found her too 'robotic', and I never had too much sympathy for Deckard either, not my kind of man! I was always more interested in Batty and Pris and JF Sebastian. Poor, broken JFS and his marvellous toys who kept him company - gave him a family. The scenes with Batty in JFS's apartment are my fave aside from the wonderful soliloquy at the end. And the sensuality between Batty and Pris, the way they relate to each other in those scenes gives you more than anything the understanding that these androids have gone as far as possible - they are animal, they are emotional (far superior to intellectually programmed Rachel I think). I do think there is one point at which it crosses Deckard's mind to wonder if he is an android, most people read the scene as him wondering what it must be like for Rachel, but I always thought he was questioning his own photographic history, when he sits at the piano and looks at his own family photos. Anyway, those are just some of the thoughts I have had over the years." Cazzie

"Oh, yes, Cazzie! I loved Sebastian! He seemed so at home with them at first, and then slowly it starts to dawn on him just how dangerous they are, and what it is they want him to do. And then the final scene, where he darts about, looking for a way out. There's no way out. He was good. // They kept pretty close to the book with the Voight-Kampff test, though - that seems to be the only thing the script was really faithful to. // Yes, read the book, if you haven't - it does put a deeper spin on the movie, even if they are so very different. The idea is the same for both. What IS life - really?" Tori

"A week passed by and so many Bladerunner discussions.I want toparticipate.For me Rachel is a weak person/android/replicant. All herlifetime shebelieved she´s a human beeing and there must only be a man to tell her she´s a replicant and she sceptical of herself.She wasn´t really sure if she´s a human beeing.But it were her memories?Her photos? Deckard only presumed to her and she believed it.She was really weak." Snowflake

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