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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #4

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Hi Rutger and The Gang, Oh dear Sarah, I'm sorry to say my wee Scot's pal, but I'm in the red corner with DizzyB. She has put it better than I could in the Replicant debate. Deckard's a miserable wee human taught a lesson! Having a glance through that book we're all talking about, it's interesting to see that we have to thank the actress Barbara Hershey for helping to push the development of the book into a film. Keep the debate coming, I could talk all night." MikeP

"I too think Batty had something to teach Deckard about humanity in those final scenes. But how that lesson sits would depend on whether or not you believe Deckard is a replicant. I still can't decide... surely if he was, with no end date, Tyrell had the technology to extend Batty's battyree! But maybe not! Just 'pissing in the breeze' as a certain bear might say! (but if I did it it would be a lot less elegantly!)" Cazzie

"Can recommend wholeheartedly the "Future Noir" book by Paul M. Sammon if you are at all interested in Blade Runner. It has been recognised as one of the best books about the making of any film, so is also well worth a read just to see the sort of things that a some films have to go through. BR may have had more difficulties than average, but not completely unusual. I guess RH could tell us much more about that! So do take advantage of the auction! // I am currently conducting an e-mail interview with Mr Sammon, so you will soon be able to read even more insights. This will be added to - The Home of Blade Runner // And talking of BR on the Web, it will be great to get a Blade Runner section on this site! I am sure Rutger will provide some interesting stories of his experiences on set. To the Webmaster here, I'm happy to help with extra info if you'd like. // People might like to know there is a Blade Runner Special Edition 3 DVD set being created at the moment. You can check BRmovie for the latest news on that (I weed out the rumours from the facts.) // And wonderful that people can discover new things in the film - it is definitely a film for multiple viewings. Yes, the incept information on the video screens includes Mental and Physical Levels - these appear to be 'A', 'B' or 'C', with 'A' being the best. Roy Batty is, of course, Ment-A, Phys-A. The other three are also Physical Level A, so if Deckard were a Rep (and I'm not saying he is), then he could be Physical Level C and there is no conflict with him getting beaten up by all four of them! It is them making him want to suffer and feel fear that is their downfall. Except for Roy, of course, who changes his mind about killing his hunter and thus (as others have pointed out) appears to gain the humanity that Deckard had lost. And his present to Deckard? To make him realise that. // As for the decrepit future world, unfortuntaely it is not so far off. Environmental pollution is in a bad way. Particularly in the USA where 4% of the world's population produces 25% of the world's air pollution. I've flown over Los Angeles and seen the smog bank. But to see the city streets as depicted in the film, you can go to some parts of Tokyo and see it right now! When I went to the Akihabara district, I got flashes of Animoid Row, with hundreds of little electronics components stalls in a marketplace round the corner from a street of multi-level stores selling the latest electronic goods. Too weird! Other cities are certainly going that way. New York already has some of the sense at street level that comes across in BR and if you've been to the reclaimed Docklands area of London, you can almost imagine the Tyrell Towers as abackdrop to the Canary Wharf tower. With all the scientific, genetic and other changes going on, it seems that many aspects of the world of Blade Runner are already with us, or just around the corner. (Although they won't be making replicanats any time soon!)" Netrunner

"So I'm alone in the blue corner here then as the only person who sees Deckard as a replicant? I've had this opinion for yrs but its great to read everybody's interpretation about Deckard the human. Y'all are making me think about it again, which is great but I doubt I'll be swayed ;~)I need more convincing wrt the unicorn, I can't believe its just Gaffs way of saying I woz ere and I coulda killed Rachael if I wanted too. I think Deckard isn't a Nexus 6 though, maybe an even 'less human' Nexus 7 model *snicker*. Built as a bladerunner designed to retire replicants, therefore he does have contempt for the reps and of course never knows he is one himself. He is given no need to question his own humanity. If he found out he would be in a bit of a dilemma and may very well side with the replicants against the humans. Tyrell probably didn't want to take that chance. Er opening up all sorts of tangents here and probably lost all sense so it's my time to byebye" Minty

"Maybe you're not Sarah. I always thought Deckard was a human being until I saw Blade Runner a couple of times more and started thinking about it and also heard of that Deckard's humanity was a controversial issue. Too bad we can't ask Philip K Dick about this. But then, the novel and the movie are not the same. Did Ridley Scott say Deckard was a Replicant? I believe there is not one true answer to this, since in fiction, the only limit is your imagination and everyone are entitled to believe whatever they find logical to be the true meaning of the BR movie. I might believe that Deckard was a Replicant..(still always doubting) least his final expression seems to say: "Okay, I accept it, it is so." And then he takes the paper unicorn from the table. And Gaff when he shouted to Deckard in the rain, said: "Too bad she won't live - then again, who does?" (And before that Deckard said: "I am finished" it is finished?) That might even suggest that the blade runner programming in Deckard might cause him to kill Rachael anyway?? Who knows? Then again those replicants were not computers..hehehe I am laughing at my own reasoning..who knows who knows who knows... I sure would like to meet Philip K Dick some place beyond time and ask what he meant by his book!!" O'cider

"Nope! I'm like you, Sarah - I won't be swayed! Only - I'm red and your blue! heh! // Deckerd was a human being: No. 1 - Why would you build a blade runner to be weaker than the androids it's made to kill? No. 2 - Deckerd was around before the Nexus 6, so if he was an android, he would have been obsolete and they would have "retired" him for a new model. No. 3 - The pictures Leon had were current pictures he had taken during his own "lifetime". He had no implants. Rachel was the experiment with implants. The emotions Batty's crew had were emotions they had developed themsleves, which is why they were so odd. Therefore, if Deckerd were an android, he would have had no implants, either. You see, time doesn't run backwards and you can't go back and stick things in that weren't there before. That only happens in the movies! (LOL!!) If Rachel was the experiment, then you can't go back before her and say they were already there, in other models. No. 4 - What scientificcorporation would think to implant a dream in one of it's androids? Pooh! Says I! // AND another thing! While I'm ranting! If the androids felt no pain, what the hell was that with priss? A screaming short circuit? Well, with that said, No. 5 - The androids felt no pain sticking their hands in hot and cold - yet Deckerd screamed over his fingers. Still - and I argue against myself - androids didn't know how to react to pain. When Roy heard Deckerd scream when he snapped his fingers back into place, it occured to Roy that screaming was a way to show his pain. So he howled, showing his emotional pain - the pain he felt for Pris. // I know - I could argue a point against each one of my points, but that's POINTLESS! LOL!! Deckerd was human. To ME. If he's not to you, then, (As Mr. Hauer would say) That's OKAY. I'll bet Mr. Scott gets a kick out of all this, and a good movie is one that makes you think." Tori

"I have really enjoyed the posts about your trips and experiences, and all the Blade Runner film comments. Does anyone know why Earth was forbidden to Androids, not much of a Garden of Eden anymore now was it?
I noticed how many times the symbols/words of looking, seeing or eyes, were present in BR, from beginning to end. Interesting....see your moments people!" Lilah

"Oh blue Mermint, you are not in a corner all alone. I see many in the blue corner and they make as much sence as the red corner, I guess. I am firmly in the red corner and as you said, I dont think I will be swayed away from it. Deckerd dreams of the Unicorn, finds the paper Unicorn in his apt. and I think it was left there to tell him that he is free to go, no more Blade Running as he wished to be out of it anyway and now he is free. I dont think it had anything to do with Rachel. Just a way to tell him to get the hell out of Dodge knowing he will take her with him and thus the end of the remaining replicants? Another thaught from a confused Diz. Take care all." DizzyB

"I have found BR to be one of the most interesting of movies that anyone can watch and then discuss for hours on end and never agree...such a mind exerciser...can I make a comment here...some said something about the replicants feeling pain and the scene of Pris screaming?...I don't think she was screaming because of pain she was screaming out of anger and frustration of knowing the end was coming for her sooner than she wanted and her chance for a solution was not going to happen...she and Roy were not going to have a happily ever after...just my take..." Debi

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