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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #5

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"LOL O'Cider! I think Ridley Scott wanted Deckard to be seen as replicant but who knows? That was a good point Dizzy made about the unicorn possibly signifying that Deckard was free from his Bladerunning duties (still a rep LOL)! Hehehee Tori, I think I have some answers, they work for me anyhoo ;~) #1 Deckard is a weaker model so that he seems more 'humanised' and therefore doesn't cause suspicion about his rep status, especially of himself. He still wins against those Nexies ;~)And we wouldn't want him to start behaving oddly himself would we? LOL!#2 Of course Deckard (oh I feel so familiar with him now, can't I call him Dick?)was around before the Nexus 6 were. It would be no good having them wreaking havoc all over the place whilst J.F. Sebastian and co are back at the Tyrell workshop still tinkering with Dicks memory/dream circuits heeheehee ;~) #3 Er... time could reverse as it is a movie but well doesn't here as we know ;~) There are things cropping up all the time and we can just say 'oh that was there all the time,did we forget to tell you?'Hahaha.The reps do yes develop their own emotions which is why they were given a shortened lifespan as a failsafe. Didn't work though did it?! *giggle*. Dick was a special rep with implants, as was Rachael, which is why they were drawn to each other (Yuk!)#4 If memories can be implanted then why not a recurring dream? The Tyrell Corp did this to preoccupy Dick's mind so he wouldn't start to question his own 'humanity'#5 The Nexies are resistant to extremes of temperature which isn't the same as pain. Humans, reps anything organic or 'living' would feel pain if shot violently in the guts at close range like Pris was. Or if you had your fingers bent back like Dick (who remember isn't a nexus 6)LOL. I'm sure Red Rodent and all of ya over there (Hi Mikey Pee)can find a few holes in my insensible banter so feel free! * I'll stay in the blue corner, you can stay in the red.I think we've managed all that can be said. Now is it time yet, to put Bladerunner to bed?" Minty

"Lol Sarah, you are going to call Deckard 'Dick'? I have been thinking that too, it looks like P K Dick was writing about himself when he created Deckard's character? I've read about his depressions and use of drugs etc. And in the novel, Deckard is more or less depressed. He doesn't even see stars any more and goes finding more life to the wasteland outside the city, where he, as I remember, found one animal he thought was real (was it a spider?), but later he discovers that it is artificial as so many other animals in that crazy world he is living in. // Hey, what happened to the gb picture? Take care y'all" O'cider

"Hey O'Cider - it was a toad that he found, and got so excited about. (and the only reason I know this is because I've been reading it again.) Mercer thought a lot of toads and donkeys, so they meant a lot to his followers, too. // The book had a lot of holes in it too - it went all OVER the place, and parts of it just didn't make sense to me - even on the second reading. But it sure is an interesting story, and fun to compare with the movie" Tori

"Well ruminate on this. The book and Bladerunner are quite different and I think in the book Dick is a human but I'm not interested in that for some unexplanable reason. He can't tell the difference between an arificial toad and a real one. Doesn't even contemplate that the toad could be a fake. As in BR Dick doesn't think about his own roots. He most definitely is a fake human i.e. a rep though." Minty

"I am a little bummed that I couldn't make it, everyone looks so happy! What fabulous fans and what a fabulous star has this little site! To all those unicorn questioners, get a copy of On the Edge of Blade Runner, wherein Ridley himself will tell you that Deckard was in fact a replicant. Deckard's 'dream' of unicorns was known by Gaff who made the origami piece to subtly let him know that he was letting him run. What I often wonder is if Rutger's character were not at the end of his lifespan, would he have still felt compassion and still let Deckard go? P.K.Dick is a definitively provacative and uncannily accurate futurist. Go see Minority Report if you haven't already. Congrats to the Wolfies who made it to the end of the NY rainbow!" Ebooty

"Geeeeezzz! I guess the only thing Ive left to resort to is getting a copy of the script or screen play or whatever you call it and read that! We are talking about the movie aint we?!.. At least according to some book or other I got it right that the paper Unicorn WAS a suttle sign for Deckerd to get the hell out of Dodge. He was human, in the movie!! Thats my dribble for this morning, its to early for me to go on but Ill be back!" DizzyB

"HAH! There is no more argument. I said, "infinity, always one more than you, forever, I WIN!" And I said it before you did, and that's what counts in grade school. You see, I had to say all that, because if I had said, "infinity!" YOU would have said, "infinity, plus one!" - so, "Always one more that you" means you can't get ahead of me, and as Roy Batty said, "Check Mate!" // ebooty - Pooh! Says I! Ridley Scott may have been the Director, but that means NOTHING to me. Deckard was a human. And to Ridley Scott, I say, "He was a HUMAN!! Infinity, always one more that you, forever, I WIN!" And that is the ONLY way to win a fight such as this one. heh! There is no winning - we are all right.'' Tori

"Allright, it was a toad then, not a spider. (A bird, Jackie?? Maybe that too?) By the way, it was interesting how the empty buildings and spaces in the huge mega city was depicted in the novel. And everyone was more or less scared of hearing the silence of the empty buildings. Therefore they needed the mood organs to escape their fear of empty space. And Isidore/Sebastian thought everything was going to be covered by 'kipple', everything the Earth fleeing people had left behind. Well, have to read that once more, definitely. /// Tori, yep the Earth is filled with extraordinary animals as you really stop to think about it. You could ask millions of questions about the creation. Millions and millions of questions..that's the quality of human mind, asking and asking, trying to find answers. And why do we ask? For what reason to ask? Wouldn't it be simpler to stop asking? I find myself ask..hehehe and I've completed a full circle again!! Why the hell we were created this way!! Our minds know no boundaries." O'cider

"LOL..believe it or not.. i saw blade runner the first time.. and i am soo really sure that this would be one of the very rare films of centuries .. if they had chosed an actor instead of harrison ford! oh boy, i saw not often before that someone (whatever mr. ford wanna named what he is doing there, it wasnt acting .. and for sure wasnt playing) was so disturbing in a, without him, really, really good film.. das gegenteil von gut gemacht - ist gut gemeint :))und ich bin noch nicht mal sicher das herr ford es gut gemeint hat.. yeah, too much harrison ford for my taste .. and a wee bit too much told/behauptete story.. i want that the film tells me the whole story ..ok maybe i have to think more by this way.. but why not :)).. dont like storytellers.. like märchenonkel.. es war einmal.. grrr..ok, thats it for me.. and snowflake, yes i think also it doesnt matter anything wether deckard is human or not.. because it doesnt shift anything.. wie wenig hat batty uns gezeigt ..does androids dream of electric sheeps.. dont know ..but i no, it doesnt shift something if he would do it! because fake is fake.. feelings of artificials are artificial feelings.. remembers me at men who had an relation to their cars or whatever, but thats shit:).. you cant have a relation to fakes/maschines and also not to animals, who is the same as a relation to other humans... love&peace.." Nax

"One of the many gorgeous things about BR is that 20 years later, it is still so provacative, and so influential in it's vision and moral questioning. The fact that there was so much fighting between Scott and the Studio, led to BR always being a film with no definitive answers and many lifetimes of happy discussion. (Upon hearing Scott's reply, Ford supposedly stated that he was obviously in a different picture than the rest of the cast -meow!)I love how the Deckard character comes across as so emotionally dead compared to the replicants, and that it takes one to make him feel something again. But if you fall in love with a machine, what does that really say...oh, I could go on...maybe I should get off of this machine and play with the sunshine for a bit! I wonder if Harrison knows the backstory to Ben Hur? HeeHee..." Ebooty

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