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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #6

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Not sure I understand you right, Nax - are you saying humans can't feel for animals and inanimate objects? I have no doubt that a man could easily fall in love with a sex toy, like Rachel, and I know some who think their cars are of more value than their wives and children. And some people love animals the way they would love a child. But I think I misinterpreted what you said - easy to do. I think that is one of the things PK Dick was trying to get across - that humans feel empathy - even for inanimate objects, sometimes. The way a kid feels love for a teddy bear. Ever read The Velveteen Rabbit? I liked that story." Tori

"Sorry I missed you Mint! We HUMANS, we have to feed kids about that time of day. I saw an article about a robot that was built, that was teaching itself things the way a little kid does - slowly adapting it's program to suit it's environment. {{*shiver*}} Not sure I like that idea very much. But I think it's true, that humans are just organic computers, really - and my damned hard-drive has been filled with nonsense and erased so many times, that I have little fragmented bits of files floating all about in there, corrupting other files. Even RH said in his lecture Friday night - we've all been programmed to behave as we do. It's true" Tori

"Okay, a few little facts about Blade Runner. Firstly, Scott has been saying for 20 years that he wanted us to think Deckard might be a replicant. At first it was "might be" it was only later that it became "is". (I have the magazine articles to prove it.) The unicorn origami with the unicorn dream is specifically intended to make us think, "I wonder if..." This was originally from Scott's misinterpretation of what one of the scriptwriters had written - of Deckard and Batty being like brothers because they wanted the same things in life. Now Ford claims (and I believe this) that he and Scott agreed beforehand that Deckard would be human. Of course, Scott might have said this to get Ford to play him human because the character thinks he's human... The Edge of Blade Runner documentary also refreshes the views of numerous other cast and crew and they are just as split as we are here! Some think Deckard is, of course human, and others agree with Scott. Which may have something to do with Scott's directing style at the time, (and Rutger, please jump in anytime!) If you look at the movie with one or the other perspective, you will see "facts" to back you up - as is the case with real life! So, Gaff clearly can't know that Deckard just had the dream of a unicorn unless he's tapped directly into Deckard's brain, so it would have to be an old memory/dream and Gaff knows of from reading Deckard's file. But then that would apply just the same if Deckard is human! And anyway, there are other interpretations of a unicorn symbology and its meaning to these characters in L.A. 2019. Now, Scott has said on numerous occasions that Deckard is a replicant. So what? Unless you view every film exactly how the director tells you to, then this is interesting, but completely irrelevant. So bring it on - I've been doing this for years and I'll counter any Deck-a-Rep argument you can come up with! Of course, just like the infintiy plus one, I will state forever and a day that the point is not the answer, but the question. If we have to ask the question, then that is significant enough. This harks back to one of PKD's favourite themes - What exactly does it mean to be human? At the end of BR, Roy Batty seems to have become more human than the one who is hunting him. He isn't a human, but what exactly is the difference? A test tube baby is still human - it is created from two pieces of human joining together. If you split those pieces down to smaller pieces and construct a "person" out of replicated DNA fragments, then is that person any less human? I don't know. What about clones? As scary as this might be, it is nevertheless becoming reality. Is a clone of a human also a human? Philip Kindred Dick wasn't so crazy - if alive now he would have ample evidence to think he was living inside one of his own novels." Netrunner

"Reading quickly through the screenplay, there are surprises a plenty. Two other Replicants called Mary and Hodge, Tyrell being a Replicant himself while his real body lies in suspended animation, Deckard killing Rachel at her own request, and finally, victory to the blue corner (at least in the screenplay anyway) Deckard most definitely a Replicant. The revelation at the end of Deckard being a Replicant, I think is a great idea…for another story. If the focus throughout had been on Deckard I think it would have worked, but giving his adversary such a powerful role, coupled with the climax on the roof, any revelation after that would have to be a letdown. I hope Rutger doesn’t mind me about to show his dying words in their screenplay form… I’ve known adventures, seen places you people will never see, I’ve been Off world and back…frontiers! I’ve stood on the back deck of a blinker bound for the Plutition Camps with sweat in my eyes watching stars fight on the shoulder of Orion….I’ve felt wind in my hair, riding test boats off the black galaxies and seen an attack fleet burn like a match and disappear. I’ve seen it, felt it…! End. I printed that speech to show you the superiority of Rutger’s choice of words for a finale." MikeP

"Was DICKhard a replicant… hmmm well I am now with the camp that think probably not (I've forgotton which corner that is pfffft!). I was on the fence before! But the more I think about it the more I can see that if he was, Batty’s rescuing him makes less impact. Batty wants Tyrell to extend his battyrie. So he respects life, wants more of it. What point rescuing another machine with a limited lifespan (even if he doesn’t know it). But if he saves a human life, the life of an enemy, then it makes his own death more poignant because he has become so humane. The unicorn, well someone may have wanted him to believe he might be a replicant. I don’t think it is proof he was! Hehehe. Ooh round and round we go. You know I have watched this movie so often and still there are things I see that I missed or that maybe I had forgotten. It is truly the test of a good movie that we are still having so much fun trying to untangle the knots and tying ourselves in even more! There aren’t many films that share this kind of longevity (there is a pun there somewhere I think pfffft!). I am working at the moment with someone who has never seen it. Lending her my copy today… what a treat she has ahead! Just ordered “Future Noir” and another copy of “Do Androids….” (I remember I gave my original away to the boyscout who lugged all my books up to the attic I lived in many years ago…! I also ordered PKD’s “Minority Report” which is the short story the latest Cruise hit is based on. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but someone who’s judgement I trust says it is a damn fine film! Anyway, I should go back to bed." Cazzie

"Cazzie ,I often think Dickhard too! Difficult not too really. So you jumped ship straight into the red trap, aaw another lost soul LOL I'm after Minority Report as well to read and also another book of PKD's which is going to be made into a film also (just a rumour). I can't for the life of me think what its called now. Duh must have a short in my neural net!! LOL xxx I wonder if PKD chose the name Deckard because it sounds like Descartes (sp?) "I think therefore I am"? This might give all you 'Dick humanisers' further ammo but as we know the replicants were able to emotionally evolve and rather quickly. So ther is irony in Dick asking "how can it not know what it is?" when he himself doesn't know hes a replicant. Heehee! In fact hardly anyone does, hence Roy saves his life thinking he's teaching a lesson to a human. Unfortunately poor Batty is sadly mistaken. Well I think thats about it for BR." Minty

"No statements about this Rep thing here, I suppose; we are going to have wait until the BR page is ready. What if it is so that PKD depicted Deckard as a human being and didn't notice so clearly that his novel had such an ambiguity in Deckard's character? Was it intentional or not? And Ridley Scott had his own interpretation and saw Deckard as a potential replicant? And then, what about Hampton Fancher and David Peoples? Their views and ideas?" O'cider

"I was thinking about androinds.If Deckard would be one of them he would hang around with them.He would recognize his ability like for example Pris or Roy have.Tyrel or Sebastian would know about him because they created androids.Instead,he was chasing them.It was his role.He listened directions from supervisers.Deckard is different.But no matter how androids are,they express their feelings too.Priss and Roy love each other,Roy save Deckard's life.They are so perfect that it's hard to recognize.Just one problem is that they have limited warranty.So they are not perfect after all.Humans not either,but can last more that six years?(I am sure how much it was).I am still not sure why Deckard was after androids.My point is Deckard is the human.I would have to watch movie again,even if it is not my big favorite.Just little thanks to Rutger's role.Even Scott had problems between human and androinds?hehe.Scott made masterpiece(along with Alien movie).I saw many science fiction movies,where I could see elements from BR there." Eva

" my ever so humble opinion.
Despite the fact that Ridley makes it very clear that Deckard is a makes for a more meaningful story if he is human.
Doncha think?"

"Eva, thanks. Ebooty, I like your point, it is much more interesting to have Deckard be human. HA!!:) Eva is in the red corner, now I'm starting to tally who's in which corner!??? WHY do I do this, if we all agreed on everything, how dull would that be? Ive got to admit that my arguements are not as knowledgable as Minty's or Rodent's or most of the rest who have been thinking DEEP. I havent read the book and I havent watched the movie as many times as most of the rest of you. But does that stop me from jumping into the ring? Nope. I am starting to agree with Minty, there is no end to this debate, But, DECKARD'S HUMAN!!" DizzyB

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