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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #8

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Again, again these mysteries baffle me and I say something here: according to my interpretation, the Replicants represented humans, yet Roy Batty had some christlike 'symptoms'...anyway he killed his Father, or God and that is definitely human behavior, because we killed that one, who claimed to be God. I was surprised to read somewhere that those replicants represented fallen angels and therefore Roy was Satan..I don't see it like that, even though angel-like they were in many ways, and also very much like the devil too. In the script it was said that in the autopsy made to that replicant who was fried in the electric fence of the Tyrell corporation (Mary/Irmgard) the pathologists still believed after three hours of the autopsy that the subject was human. So these replicants were made THIS PERFECT copies of humans. Ok, leave it there now." O 'cider

"Yeah, the Unicorn...too!, the Christian writers of the Physiologus chose the Unicorn (that got into the Bible due to a translation from Hebrew to Greek) to represent Christ. His horn signifies the unity of Christ and the Father, the inability of the hunter to subjugate him (only a virgin could) is a reminder that the will of the Messiah is not subject to any earthly authority - the virgin represents the Virgin Mary (Rachael, in Deckard’s subconscious? She had no termination date – we discover in the end). Practically as if to say to Deckard “You’re fucked up, no matter what, and with you also the Replicants – all in the same boat – it’ useless to keep on rowing against the tide – the end is always that”. And speaking of rowing against the tide…. also all that rain that keeps on falling unceasingly on the city… it reminds of the Deluge (how many days and nights did it rain then?)… and the references made by Deckard to that “mish-mash of dialects” spoken in their society…. The Tower of Babel…! Tyrrel’s addressing Roy as the Prodigal Son (this is a clear reference!)… The fact that during their last confrontation, Deckard tries to find a way out, by going up and up (Heaven?, that’s where all religious people want to end up in their next life)…Methinks that the BR screenplay writers just forgot about the Bible’s copyrights…. " Grazia

"Another thought about BR movie (surprised are ya?) What if Gaff was a replicant himself? I have always thought his eyes looked really weird in the film, he must have had some kind of contact lenses on his eyes, because to me his eyes look very unreal and artificial. What do you think? To make a complex story even more complicated, I might say that they were replicants all of them and there were no real people left in BR world! hhehehee. Would have been nice to see a scene I read in one script in which Deckard is drinking in a bar with Leon and he shows Deckard a match-box collection of cockroaches. Funny! OMG, I think I'm really deep in this obsession right now.. Take care ya'll, and don't let your 'programming' control you too much!" O'cider

"Hey! I'm going through the PKDick book again, (Imagine that!) and I got to the part where Deckerd is looking at the poop sheets on Roy and Irmgard Baty - which include some fuzzy telescopic photos of the pair that can't be made out. Interesting, eh? When you think of the picture Deckerd prints out in the movie, which is close up, and very fuzzy! Really, were all these things thought out that carefully when the movie was made, or are we just putting this stuff together, coincidentally, after the fact? Fascinating, what we people will do with our spare time, eh?" Tori

"Well, I felt well enough to drag myself out of bed in the single figures this morning and trek to the other side of London to see a movie – midday on a Sunday… am I mad… shuttling about in the subterranean underworld of London, all that noise pffffft! But the movie was pretty good I have to say, you’d like it. It about some crazy place that looks a bit like a lot of places now! Wonderful sets, but wouldn’t fancy living there myself! Anyways, there’s this ol’ retired dick they drag out of the system and press him into action chasing down a group of sophisticated androids! The dick is pretty dumb it has to be said. No intellect, no animal magnetism. Strange that the head-honcho of the androids has both in spade full’s. What are we being told, that humanity is imperfection and only perfection can be achieved in a superficial being… but hold on, androids are created by humans, surely they can’t be better than the mind that created them! But then, if more than one brilliant mind and skill creates them, maybe they are the sum of such genius…. Is the dick an android is the big Q being A’d! Who knows. I still don’t. But I still think it should have ended on the roof top, they could have found a way to drop in the origami unicorn. “Like Unicorn’s in rain” [scuse me, slight diversion… now Ms Sarah it took me long enough to come to terms with ‘ears of grain’ being washed in pine…. but bears in a plane! I’d be careful next time I fly if I were you bear – look for familiar but strangely behaving air hostesses with Pine-oh! hehehe]. Though I have to say I did wonder why the hell such intellegent androids would want to live longer in that world, an earth vacated by all the undamaged humans! But then, in our workd there aren't such things as undamaged humans!! pfft! Anyway, I haven’t seen this movie on the big screen for over 18 years. I saw it four times in the first two weeks it was released here, then a couple more times in the year or so that followed, so it was a real treat. But when you have seen something so often part of the pleasure is watching how things are done… I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before (hhhehehe, I can see everyone now dashing for their video’s/DVD’s and the freeze frame function! pffft!), but tell me bear, was it Pris who was practicing her suction on your neck – your left side…. a little hicky I spied pffft! HAHAHA! (out with my brush and dusting powder ikoon!). OK…. I’m gone. I enjoyed watching this movie as much today as I did before. Probably for an android Roy is too sensual… but its what made him so god damn attractive!" Cazzie

"A certain movie magazine caught my eye a few days ago. With a pic of Deckard on the cover and the words Bladerunner scrawled across in capital letters. Naturally I bought it! ;~) With the release of Minority Report there is an interesting article about how PKD'S work has translated to Hollywood, with the humourous title "You don't know Dick"! ;~) Also a biography about the man is scattered throughout this article and also something I didn't know is that "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" was originally entitled "The Killers are Among Us! Cried Rick Decard To The Special Man". Heehee, I prefer the Androids/Sheep title myself ;~) Dick is quoted as saying "You would have to kill me and prop me up in the seat of my car with a smile painted on my face to get me to go near Hollywood". Excuse me Mr Dick, what about Blade Runner then? ;~) Anyway as well as Minority Report, another PKD story coming to our screens this summer is Impostor starring Gary Sinise. The MR screenwriter describes it "in its original form is a twisting mindfuck of logic". Next is an interesting article "Cutting Edge, The Making of Blade Runner" as told by the replicants with some recent quotes. It also says that Deckard IS a replicant himself, all the signs being there. Did you hear that in the blue corner? I said IT ALSO SAYS THAT DECKARD IS A REPLICANT ;~) Its also noted that apart from the flying cars it could almost be London, teeheehee! There's a nice full page pic of Roy, you know the one, topless and squatting in the rain. His dying monologue is written across it. Daryl Hannah maintains its still her favourite film (good girl) she says "When I read the script it was so great, so different from anything I had ever read before, and still is". PKD said "Seeing Rutger Hauer as Batty just scared me to death because it was exactly as I had pictured Batty, but more so." Anyway a recent quote from Rutger, "Ridley likes playing with your head. The whole piece is a mind-fuck" (that word again!) Interestingly theres a paragraph about all those companies who appeared in BR. It turned out to be bad luck for them as they've since gone belly up! Eg, Atari, Pan-am, polaroid. Its only Coca-Cola who seemed to have escaped the BR curse, well so far! ;~) There is a website apparently and I've checked it does exist A bit geeky (LOL) Of course there's a paragraph in this article......"Is he or isn't he?" The pro's and cons of whether Deckard is a replicant or not. Of course......he IS! There is a footnote which says a special edition dvd of Blade Runner is due for release early next year and will have the documentary "On The Edge of Blade Runner" on it! Yippeee ;~) From Hotdog magazine issue 26. Not something I normal buy ;~) A few pages on I saw an ad for a Paul Verhoeven trilogy of dvd's available in the UK now, his first film "Business is Business", "Turkish Delight" and "Soldier Of Orange", all for 20 quid each I take no responsibility for any inaccuracies which may be here, I've just quoted the mag!" Minty

"Many Blade Runner fans will know that Paul M. Sammon is the author of Future Noir, sometimes referred to as the "BR Bible". As someone who observed the making of Blade Runner from pre-production through the entire filming, wrote a book about it and has continued to take an interest, he knows a few things about Blade Runner and Ridley Scott and he even talked on several occasions with PKD. A few of you may even have picked up a copy of "Future Noir" at auction recently? Anyway, as many Rutger fans are obviously fans of what is unquestionably one of his best performances in Blade Runner, you might perhaps be interested in my little chat with Paul M. Sammon: amongst many other things, he mentions Rutger's presence on set, "Rutger was like this human tornado, you know?" - obviously getting on with Mr Scott a little better than Mr Ford..." Netrunner

"For those of you still thinking about Blade Runner, go into the Arts and Crafts section and read "A Stream of Consciousness". Gives you a few more insights from our man, himself." Tori

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