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Blade Runner              
                                                         Page #9

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Hello Rutger and webbies.First I had no idea what the Rocket is talking about.Oh I found it today.What a wonderful job you've done.Oh my,my the fans made so many entries about BR already?You should send it to Riddley Scott as a present.I got some articles today,one is from BR.Just few words from Deckard or Dick in the end which are moving too."I don't know why he saved my life.Maybe in those last moments he loved life more more then he ever had done before.Not just his life.Anybody's life.My life.All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want.Where do I come from?Where am I going?How long have I got?All I could do was sit there and watch him die....."Beautiful.And there is picture, Roy holding dove and still having that nail in hand. I didn't noticed that in movie. Take care Rutger,love" Eva

''It's raining here. I am rereading 'The Electric Sheep' and remembered there was this real cat that died and was replaced by an artificial one. Also there was a whole police department full of andys, even bounty hunters (no blade runners in the novel) like Deckard who retired andys/or humans? Thanks for that BR page, though it is still full of QUESTIONS. But I guess being human is filled with perplexity and irrational behavior. Logic defying. No machine can be built to replace a human being.(like it was possible to built one!!) Continue to walk wherever you are going". O'cider

"I went through some Rutgery stuff I have home.I even borow the book about electric dreams,interesting.But I found breath taking article from Empire magazine circa 1986 or so.It is actualy question what happened to sixth replicant.I think I will transfer answer."So assuming there is no continuity error in the script,and there are still five replicants on earth,who they are?Four you can be sure about.Zhora(Joana Cassidy)is the plastic mac-wearing replicant whom Deckard wastes,and soon after Leon(Brion James)is likewise shot death.Pris(Daryl Hannah)is the somersoulting replicant,the final one being the leader,Roy Batty(a bleached-blond Rutger Hauer).The fifth replicant,however,remains a mystery.Later in the movie,Chief Bryant tells Deckard there are four left to kill-meaning Pris,Leon,Batty and Rachel(Sean Young),a possibility if you believe she then had her memory wiped again.The other-and most interesting interprepation-that is apparently hinted at in the director's cut of the film,yet to be seen in UK,is that Deckard is the final replicant who has been implanted with memories so he believes he is human,and that he and Rachel are allowed to go free as a kind of 'controlled experiment'.....".OK I think it is my final point about replicants.I have one more article about what Rutger thinks about replicants. Good to know what you think Rutger." Eva

''Wow! I'm in the Blade Runner pages! That is sooo cool. I hardly get a chance to read the guestbook these days as work is plentiful and I amin the middle of falling in love. Bless all of you and may Ridley never define his film so thoroughly that we cannot keep our interpretations of his masterpiece. Does anyone ever wonder what would have happened had the studios let Scott make the film his way in the first place? Questions..." Ebooty

"I found Rutger Hauer when friends and I went to see a movie called, "Blade Runner" because we were depressed and because one of my friend's children had heard from her friends at school that "Blade Runner" was a comedy. That's right. A comedy. It was a rainy, cold and miserable night in New Jersey and we were all suicidal at the time and we needed a lift, a reason to live. It did not take long for us to find out that we had been had and "Bladie" was definitely not a comedy. In "Bladie", just when you think you have seen every violent act imaginable, Roy treats you to another. At the end of that movie, my friends and I were wiped out. We could not even speak as we left the theatre, or as we rode to an all-night diner afterwards for coffee. And when we did speak, all I could say was, "Did you see that picture? Did you SEE that picture? DID YOU SEE THAT PICTURE?!!" and variations of that sentence. It took years before I could stand to see it again. But when I did, Rutger Hauer's incredible unleashed genius shone in every scene. By now, I have seen "Bladie" scores of times. As you can see, "Bladie" had no detrimental effect upon my delicate psyche as I am still alive, as far as I can tell. And I bless the little b@$#@&*$ who tricked me into going to "Bladie" that night. So, Mr. Hauer, I have seen most of your other flicks, even the early ones (Katie's Passion, Turkish Delight, Spetters, etc.) and like your work. It's all sweet." Lady Luck

"I will not go in for the usual nonsense. I know you, as Roy Batty cannot be involved in a sequel. Roy's speech, "Time to die" will alway's move me to tears. Do Androids Dream? Of course we do. Meaning that there is a place we go to after our hearts stop. Dreams are separate and connected to the electrical. We are made of water and electricity. Nonsense? I hope not. Kipple! We all return to dust." Steven Murray

"I have been cruising through the BR page again and there are two points I would like to address. First of all, I do not believe that Ford gave a lackluster performance but rather that he presented a lackluster character. Deckard had retired from the "Runners" and pretty much from life. I'm working with the movie now and not the book. This was not a happy guy. His hold on life was not very strong, until it began to slip away, and then his attitude changed. Understandably. Now before we get carried away with TOO much sympathy for these 'droids, let us remember that they shanghaiied a space vessel and killed all its passengers to do so. A very human act, you might justifiably say. Please correct me if I got the previous fact wrong. Also, the death of Sebastian was not necessary; it was automatic. Saving Deckard at the end was not compassion. It was to make a point. "Now you know how it feels to be a slave." Shirley

" I've always thought that Ford's portrayal of Dick Deckard was fine. He played it how he wanted to I guess. I just can't get turned on by this character. Sometimes feel I'd like to give him a kick up the arse LOL! Those Nexus 6 could behave very humanly at times, Dick included. I think before he reached his own expiry date he probably spent a great deal of the rest of his life thinking about Roy's final words to him. Did he actually learn from Roy and change himself and his own life? Did he ever realise his own replicant status? We may never know" Minty

"More fuel for the everlasting flame of "Blade Runner" - a complex perpetual enigma. Deckard personifies the enigma of this universe of 2019. Earth's cities are poisoned, rain-lashed, neon-lit ghettos so dilapidated and decadent that humans no longer wish to live in them. Those with the opportunity and money have moved offworld to escape. The humans left are the underclass, the misfits, the criminals, the exploiters. Is Deckard one of the decadent underclass driven by his ruthless urge to act in a callous way? To kill in cold blood without mercy. So who would want to come to Earth into this nest of vipers? A handful of Nexus6 replicants. What is their reason? Officially, to turn the tables and execute humans. That is what the blade runners would have you believe. This reason justifies their actions, Deckard's actions. But is it the truth? Truth is what you want it to be. Believe something in your head strongly enough it becomes the truth - to you. So Deckard truly believes replicants are a threat to mankind therefore he must hunt and "retire" them. Perhaps this primeval instinct is what ensures his humanity. Another instinct, one he is denied, is sex. The only women he encounters in this world are weird outcasts. Then he meets the seemingly sophisticated and elegant Rachael. Deckard wants her. He can't keep his hands and mind off her. Is his interest kindled because she's available and he's tired of being always alone? Some men will be with someone, anyone, rather than loneliness and abstinence. Yet he knows she is a replicant and therefore a threat. He consumes energy and time hunting down the group of offworld replicants. Their leader, Roy Batty, must be eliminated at all costs. Perhaps if Deckard had been homosexual he would have been attracted to Roy instead of Rachael. But he isn't. Consciously, Deckard is fully aware and believes himself human. He has to otherwise he cannot operate as an effective blade runner. Yet he is strongly drawn to Rachael. So is Deckard subconsciously recognising his real inner self? The subconscious mind holds many hidden, dark secrets not revealed to ourselves. They are only sometimes felt as powerful yet unexplained impulses that make us travel a certain direction not knowing why we do. Therein lies the enigma, within all of us, within Deckard." Dianna

"I cut out then to take an hours breather before the Blade evening. Something our BattyBear didn't get the chance to do... signing up to the last second... A leisurely walk across to the centre in the cooling evening air. Some BattyTalk from bear - his takes and ideas. Tired, but relaxed and wanting to share, wanting to give a little something about Rutgerbears take on Battybear! And then the lights go down and the big screen comes alive. I only saw this movie 2 months ago and I wondered whether I was about to have too much of a good thing but no.... immediately ensnared yet again. I don't think I will ever get tired of this movie. I am sure there are flaws, and there are a few glowering blips in continuity, but the detail and depth of this movie that has us discussing, arguing, wondering, imagining and dreaming all sorts of wild and wonderful tales and philosophies of what is going on will continue... At the end an excited bear wanting to hear what the audience want to know - probably there haven't been any questions that haven't been asked before. Perhaps the answers expand and grow and even he finds things clarifying with each time he explores a question about this complex character who visibly grows and transforms as the movie progresses. In his words "he begins as a soldier, becomes a warrior and I believe he turns into an angel, but before even the thing with the bird at the end" (approximate quote!). As the session continues you can physically see bear transform and light up. Were it darker he would have glowed with the pleasure discussing his craft gives him. The tireness briefly seemed to fall away and like two occasions when I have seen it happen on film you can see the passing of time on his face, a young cub to an accomplished and more finely tuned instrument and back again. Veteran is not a word I can use with this creature of ours because that implies something is ending and we are far from that time. The future will be bright with Hauer magic me thinks, OK, I'm biased - so shoot me! I was fascinated to learn of a number of scenes filmed with BattyBear that aren't in the movie - I want to see that footage. I hope one day it will be available in some form, it sounded fascinating. Some insights into what makes a movie tick - some jokes - I think my favourite is the one about the Opera - but I won't spoil it in case it gets its way into an audio byte. Then all too early it seems to finish and we wander back under a full or nearly full moon leaving Rutgerbear to go through the hoops again for the second showing and knowing that he will somehow have just as much fun." Cazzie

"Now to the BR screening. What a treat to see that wonderful film on the big screen, and introduced by the man himself! I think between us we must have talked for hours about Bladerunner and its meanings and messages, the lighting the camerawork the sets the music, and of course the actors. Any film that can provoke such unending discussion and thought really does deserve the title of a classic all time film. The Q & A session at the end was magical. To see Rutger light up and become so animated as he discussed his craft was a joy and just hearing his take on aspects of the movie put a new slant on things. Sadly it ended all too soon, I could have listened to him talk all night but there was another crowd waiting to come in for the next showing." Sue E

"Earlier than this time last week with the imminent MK screening of Blade Runner the following occurred to me ;~) Leon is the first replicant to try and give Deckhard a lesson in humanity, if somewhat more violently than Roy. Found myself thinking about and comparing these two approaches to the same lesson.Whilst taking Dick unawares and beating him up Leon says "painful to live in fear isn't it?" "there's nothing worse than having an itch you can't scratch". Of course thanx to Rachael the guntoting fembot, Leon never finishes his lesson. It seems likely that if she hadn't come along he would have poked Dick's eyes out without a second thought anyway, but we just don't know. A quick teaching which Dick doesn't have time to absorb and is then killed. He is saved by another replicant instead. Also this approach is less memorable or provocative than Roys touching poetic style. Roy starts off by saying something similar though "Its quite an experience to live in fear. Thats what it is to be a slave." Perhaps when all the Nexus 6 are nearing their time to die they have this 'inbuilt' urge to display, each in their individual way, that they are in fact 'more human than human'. Well just a wee notion that floated through my mind, may need to give it plenty of thought when the cold bugs leave my brain! Still a timeless, thoughtful, wonderful film. Always something to pick at and sink ya teeth into! As well as this a question sprung to mind which spookily is the same one that Cazzie mentioned. If the role of Roy Batty had already been cast but Ridley Scott still wanted Rutger in the film giving him a free choice of the remaining roles, I wondered which one he would pick? Sebastian or Tyrell? Or maybe he would decide he didn't want to be in BR at all?" Sarah

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