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Blade Runner              
                                                        Page #10

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"Hey there! Reading (reading about the soundtracks now) and reading here and glad for not having to go out since it's cold there and I hate that! Thanks for the new picture. Honestly I thought for a long time after seeing Blade Runner that Rutger's real hair is as white as Roy's were. Well, now I also have some more pieces together in a BR puzzle. Found out that there are no answers to some questions. And it proved out that I was surprisingly right with some previous interpretations I had.....After reading what comes to mind is the overused phrase that.."there's no business like show business". Hmm...I think I also watch the first "Alien" one more time after this. Have a good weekend." O'Cider

"Been highly asleep and in the world of literary art works. BTW, I noticed in the book an example of a scene drawing by R Scott that there was a text in a building wall saying "Jesus saves"..interesting. What if it had been in the movie? Would have been too clear reference to the subtle undercurrents of the theme, wouldn't it? Not to mention too religious tones it would have caused in the minds of many people..hehe like BR was meant to be an evangelical film!! Which is not the was just about raising questions..did someone say something about a mind..uh..f***? Interesting little details. And Deckard was a replicant whose programming started when someone called him one of "the little people". Well, this is out of place here..but so be it." O'Cider

"Hello Everyone, Hello Mr. Rutger, Hello Heike! Oh dear, was that out of order? I saw the "re-done" Blade Runner (Director's Cut) last night. I need to go rent the other one again, but I know the ending was different--I must say I agree. The uplifting ending didn't fit with the original dark nature of the film. Okay, I'm sure that's all been said I'm a bit behind. Have a great day everyone...It's snowing again complaints, but I'm beginning to wonder if some mad scientist hasn't shifted the earth's axis!" Teresa

"You guys wrote some brilliant stuff in the Blade Runner area: Jan, Grazia, MikeP, et al, fantastic. Very deep, thought provoking. Love the bit about the nail in Roy's hand, God in the Tower, etc. I called every NYC human critter I knew to see Blade, esp. the incredible elevator scene (RH's eyes again) and the final death scene. Saw BR 2x in Greenwich Village and the audience stopped breathing during Roy's final moments. I was stunned. But the machine killed God. Church attendance is down I hear." Christine

"Did anyone ever explain, at one time, the Unicorn in Blade Runner? Ridley's beautifully photographed, Legend, has been on quite a bit lately. T. Curry's terrif as Evil! Our Unicorn's there. Per NYC's Cloisters' Tapestry, only a Virgin can approach the fabled creature--yes? Ridley wanted his creature in the Uncut BR version which I adore. A gorgeous scene even more ravishing in slow motion. Ridley has this poetic streak? BR is as mysterious as life itself, so poetic despite future darkness which PKDick saw." Christine

"Hi, I have had the pleasure to study the film "Bladerunner" in school and all I can say is wow Rutger you really blew me and my whole class away with your performance. It was fantastic, we are examining the film and Roy in particular in great detail. Our teachers showed us your character's transformation from fallen angel to christ figure and other such interesting concepts. However, I must ask you two things, firstly when making "Bladerunner" did you or were you told of hte symbolic nature of Roy's journey or are my teachers and I simply looking too deeply into the film? Secondly, was your hair naturally that vibrant or did you bleach it for the role? Thankyou for sharing your talent with the world, it is much appreciated." Evan

"Just finished reading 'future Noir' which confirmed Mr. hauer as the intelligent, gracious bloke I'd hoped he'd be.
This site and your work on charitable causes is also a representation of this.
Nice to know that the man who wrote and spoke Roy's parting words has a soul to match the poetry."

"Hi! Watched Blade Runner again… refreshed my memory… so it was Pris who said We are stupid and we'll die, not Roy Batty, hmm, my memory is really highly unreliable at times, LOL…nothing new (I was sure* that he said "If we're stupid…" but anyhow…) I never said anything before during BR discussion, can't forgive myself man, feel like I missed the train… and that's one film that never stops being interesting and turning things around in my head! 20 years old and still so fresh… so watchable… BR is such an original… In order for film to work I still believe that Deckard wasn't replicant… Him being rescued on the roof by dying Roy Batty wouldn't have the same weight, I think. (That beautiful paradox, unexpected twist and the final message of peace as the only possible end to the conflicts…). Neither would the fact that the policeman resents his own race, the system that he serves (or else he'd be just a little man*) and the racism that his boss is constantly bringing on…His love for the elegant aristocratic Rachel grew from recognising their similarities in spite of obvious difference… that difference again faded as he came to question everything he was or believed to know about himself… recognising the same insecurity in Rachel that he himself owned - that was strong. For all that rain and fear and dread, loneliness, rage and hurt, darkness in Roy Batty's head as he frowns in the lift going down - so tragic - to face the end of his days after being patronised by his God*, it remains a wonderful, wonderful film… another way of saying there is nothing in this world to hold on to, except love and compassion. The idea was great and so was the interpretation… Love and kisses!" NNFT

"Bedazzling Batty bouncing back….Oh Nataly, what's the tally now following last night's viewing - 453? I've lost count of mine, but this masterpiece rarely sits upon the shelf for very long between airings. OK, and as the man once said, "now it's my turn". No matter how many times I watch this film, it just gets better and better. I never tire of it. There is so much to see on the screen - such incredible detail that with each subsequent viewing you notice things you hadn't noticed before. When BR was first released in 1982 I didn't think it would appeal to me as I'm not a science fiction fan. I didn't see it until it came out on video and then, of course, it was the version with the voiceover. My first viewing left me with many questions but by my third viewing I felt I understood it completely and was totally hooked. However, my "understanding" is probably different from thousands of others, which gives it that special appeal - discussions roll on and on, year after year. (It played on my mind for years who the person in the photo on Deckard's zoomin screen might have been, until Rutger explained to us at MK that the actress had already packed her bags and left.) The Director's Cut was the version I first saw on the big screen. Wow! What a difference. A oneoff - there's been nothing like it, before or since. A masterpiece in very sense of the word. Dark and foreboding and such a superior version that it seemed almost like an entirely different film. In my opinion, one of Ridley's finest achievements. Even the haunting soundtrack seems timeless. I agree with Sarah about Harrison Ford's performance which in my view was unduly criticised. I think he played it exactly how it was required of him. I was however disappointed to be told that Deckard was a Replicant after all - that doesn't make any sense to me. The thought didn't cross my mind at all until somebody mentioned the incident with the origami unicorn as being confirmation of the fact. Anyway, I'll continue to believe that he wasn't a Replicant. I definitely think the end of the film should have been when Roy dies. I see that as a natural conclusion. In fact, it always catches me unawares after that scene when the film carries on because, as far as I'm concerned, Roy's dead so it's over. The rest is unnecessary. And what of Rutger's performance as Roy? Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said a thousand times over? Utterly superb. Perfect casting. Who was it who said you looked so like a Replicant, Rutger, that you didn't need any makeup? Perhaps that sounds a little unkind, but I know exactly what they meant. It wasn't just the way you looked. It was the whole thing, from the inside out. Your finest performance, Rutger? I hope not. Just up there as one of many, the rest still yet to come. Yes Nataly, I'm definitely with you on the Deckard/nonReplicant side of the auditorium. Sorry Ridley, but we're with Rutger on this one." Corinne

"To read your take on BR and Nats too. I'm with joker Ridley, ah but really come on now the ending with Roy saving Deckard is beautiful when you think of him not being a replicant. But isn't it even more tragic if Roy was saving one of his own and didn't even know it?
As Deckard doesn't know it? A double but beautiful twist. I mean this but can't help LMAO as I type *giggles* LOL xxx Bouncy runner beans everybody and oh please pass the spliff." Sarah

"Corinne love your BR entry and that I'm not here alone catching that train.
Sarah I'll have to argue it's better for me if Deckard was saved by a replicant... Roy Batty's motive being, he appreciates everyone's life the same at the end. anyone's life. all life. Boy I'm tired. don't go away. I'll come back to that tomorrow. It's a threat." NNFT

"Corinne I must read your entry again - did you say Rutger agrees to the human Deckard version too or was I dreaming? Hell I missed too much on other ppls views on BR - will read all ten pages carefully some time real soon LOL.)): How about another question, do replicants have feelings? Tried to drink Nax and Berni under table in MK - and force them to agree with me to a YES answer but only partly succeeded (drinking myself under the table, haha ) so I'll have to work on them again some time." NNFT

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