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Blade Runner              
                                                        Page #11

"How can it not know wha it is? "

"It goes without saying that all I rumble here about BR and other films, that just my humble opinion, right? I agree whole heartedly with all compliments Corinne gave BR as in style, timelessness and sheer cool… must just spread the butter a bit wider, he he… Well, I seen a lot of films since it came out and I think BR was copied a lot - or ppl tried to copy bits of it, with more or less success, mostly less. Where the Fifth Element made a good use out of flying cars it was clever to take it all to the other place; comedy, scifi parody. To be on the safe side. I thought it worked. But take Minority Report and its eye doctor, hmm, cringe cringe. Other bits of that film too; some scenes were obviously planted there for the effect - they were meant to be clever and awesome but only came across pretentious - hate when I catch a film trying too hard… but worse was the robots in AI - like BR meets Mad Max and goes north - couldn't watch it till the end, had to split. I liked The Matrix though (speaking of future noir films) - the idea was original and action great also, well casted. Keanu Reeves can't act but he looks just fine in a black leather jacket and so does his high cheekbones romantic interest… a lot of that film is in the way they move and it's not trying to be a drama, so that casting worked… Dark city was not a bad film but alas, it was too dark, etc.)): LOL to "Rutger looked like replicant" I must admit in that scene where poor Sebastian admires him saying something like "you are so perfect" - I can't help but smile - my sentiments exactly, he he, Aye Carumbe, what a boddd! Sooo tall and strong and - right, right, I went off again. Before I forget yes Corinne, long lost the count on how many times I seen it, LOL. My friends and me seen it in the cinema when it first played, at the age of 13… I remember lots of reactions in others and me still! Roy scared the living daylights out of me! I was sitting in the dark praying the whole time that someone kills him please! Others had to close their eyes when he was chasing and tormenting H. Ford! His howling gave me goose bumps! (Actually it still kinda does that but for er, different reasons, LOL). Later I went to see the Directors cut on the big screen too… it went into my dreams, I used to have dreams where baddies chase me and I run breathless, and end up on the roof and when all seems hopeless Rutger/Roy Batty? comes and saves me. Pffffft well maybe you had to be there in the dream to see how good it felt for me, LOL. I wish I could promise you I'm done with my comments LOL but no such luck… ha ha. Bye - for now…" NNFT

"Hey Nats I agree there, BR really did lead the way, and had many of its ideas used ever since in other movies. I really like Minority Report too. PKD seems to have a thing about eyes, I just found those scenes funny! Never had any will to see AI it looks cheesy but I shouldn't really be so harsh when I haven't seen it. Agree about K Reeves as well, not much acting happening there, hes just not up to speed LOL! Do love The Matrix though, and I fear the sequels will not be as good, go too far maybe? Like Dark City even though it's a wee bit depressing, the weirdness of it and Richard O'Brien do it for me." Minty

"Yes, Nataly, that was my understanding didn't Rutger say exactly that at MK (or was I dreaming???). I thought I remembered him saying that it didn't make much sense for Deckard to have been a Repo. (Maybe that speech is somewhere in the bytes on the MK page.) Best check it out before I quote him incorrectly, I suppose couldn't face a lawsuit with my bank balance! Anyway, I'll continue to believe he was human, Yes Sarah, it would make an interesting quirk for Batty to have got it wrong but somehow I don't think he would have wouldn't the Nexus gang have had some sort of superior sixth sense??? They always seem to have been one step ahead. I think Roy would have known. (Yes, Nataly, I too think he looked a supercool dude, especially in that black you still have that Rutger? If so, will it find its way into the auction??? (hand on hammer ready to smash piggy bank icon)). Sorry, Sarah, but it sounds to me like it's just you and Ridley and I think he might be waivering under the pressure too!!!" Corinne (human, but only just...)

"Bear with me… all I want to do is sit in the Rutgerr Café debating the meaning of life, so…still reading BR reviews! Help! LOL. No two ppl seen the same film!)): LMAO Grazia "screenplay writers forgot about the bible copyrights".)) Another one I can't let go: Rachel as a blown up doll! Aaargh! No! She was icy on the surface and somehow robotic in movements… I know some real* ppl like that. What is beneath though? Her memories were not her own… What maters is less how did the knowledge, information etc. come into her head and more how she uses it, what can she do with it and with every new thing that she learns on her own. The plots she is plotting…)) Deckard has her in the corner repeating everything he says until she feeds him "Put your hands on me" of her own free will. Rachel both submits and takes over, all in one move. Another man led to believe he was the one to choose, to force the things his way, and that he dominates/has the control… But Rachel played him right from the start. When she hung up on him saying "It's not my kind of place" what was that but playing hard to get, the oldest trick in the book. She was acting as if she was too good for him in order to convince him she is at least good enough…Meaning, she has the class, but will it matter, considering she's not human … (BTW humans could be biological computers with expiry date* and very little clue about their origin… capable of creating replicants = playing gods a little). Rachel seduced him by using reverse psychology. When she ran for the door that was like the final difficulty put in front of Deckard - the more difficulties along the way, the sweeter the victory. They don't teach you that in robot school, LOL. You learn as you go along, and you rely on your instincts come to love and survival… She's a replicant, but she's all woman, man! And in anyhow not much difference between the two - except how they came into existence - at least I can't see it. They needed each other, and had the chemistry… Deckard got to prove to himself that he could be passionate (that he's not a cold fish)… I luurve their love scene to be continued…" NNFT

"Umm dughhh, I'm going to be different.I think Deckard was human and had a replicant's brain and hoochy.mmm. Stupid? Who the hell cares! Pffft." Jackie

"Dunno about 6th sense Corinne, not if they're more human than human? Need to think about that LOL. Many a brit BR fan I bump into agrees with Sir Riddles lol, before I've had chance to open my mouth and say anything ;~) Anyway yes I agree Roy could've picked up on Dick's rep status, if he'd had more time lol. He never saw enough of Dick though. Even so he was too hell bent on exacting revenge for the deaths of his Nexus posse, and then grieving for Pris as well, to really study Dick in that way, I think. So glad Roy never realised Dicks true nature though, otherwise we wouldn't have his beautiful poetic words. "I've seen things you inferior replicants wouldn't believe...."

"Dear NNFT, I read your story. Please receive my messages. Rachel didn't notice her own robotic and too sweet and too childish. She isn't looked her ages. And they are uncomfortable for some people. she knew they all are her responsibility.If she hadn't been come here, she think. But she would like to only tell him her thoughts and love for him. She respect him and has been supported her heart by him since she saw his films.He bring something warm and pure to her and his fans opening his heart in his films. He is one and only actor and man she feel and respect. She don't want to start for herself. Perhaps she can't live here. Because here is the imaginative place. Sometimes people speak each other in similitudes. They are hard and painful for her. Tears well up in her eyes because her thoughts is true." AT

"Interesting Rachael chats Nats and AT! She looks very dollfaced to me, very rep like even though it was a shock to her to find this out.
Think Deckard told her like her did coz he wanted control.
Akin to Rachaels dollface is his puppydog headcock type movements. Only a rep would do that [smirk icon]!" Sarah

"I heard something today which took me by surprise as I waited at the bus stop this afternoon. There is a coffee shop just behind my bus stop and their radio is always blaring out. Not super deafening eardrum bursting loud but audible and clear enough for you to take notice if you want to listen. Anyway, waiting to go home I wasn't paying any attention until I heard this particular stations jingle! It went something like this "Too bad she won't live, but then again who does?" yep it was the real Gaff, not a cheap imitation LOL. It turns out this is their jingle to advertise the fact it's an 80's radio station. Well that just goes to show that the world remembers, and what an institution Blade Runner is! It can be incorporated anywhere" Sarah

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