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The Legend of the Holy Drinker              
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"Where a homeless mind turns to matter"

"Grazia - thanks for that, sounds an interesting interview. De Niro is a fine actor, but Andreas would have been a very different man in his hands it has to be said. I don't think he can reach the kind of stillness Rutger is sometimes capable of when the role demands. He can let you see what the character is thinking somehow, not that he is thinking simply, but what. Its the magic bit. He allows the stillness for it to happen. And at his best, it happens. When it doesnt happen, then you see the character is thinking, which is challenge enough perhaps! But for Andreas he showed us his mind and his heart. What a treat. Love" Caroline

Thanks Grazia for this plentiful and interesting info which we otherwise might not get to know about, for a good while anyway ;~) I bet De Niro must have been miffed to have missed out in the end if he wanted the part of Andreas so badly. He s good but I don't think he could have conveyed to the audience so much of the character, the depth of feeling, quite like the Bear can and does. The more I think about it the more I can't see De Niro in this role really. Never mind, I think its a better film for having Rutger in the part and a different film than it would've been. Heehee hope that doesn't sound biased, I do mean it objectively.......I do! Minty

"I don't think I can add to whats been said already about this wonderful piece of art. I was charmed from the word go really by Andreas. To find a man in his position who was humble, naive and still thought of himself as honorable is heart tingling and endearing. You really did want him to succeed, he deserved that. I did want to scream at him though not to be so daft/ naive when his old friend also a comrade of the streets, was fleecing the money out of him. Especially as he had lost it on few occasions prior to this. I have to agree with Caroline, that one of my favourite parts is when Andreas catches sight of himself in the mirror, in fact I love that whole scene with the guy offering him a bit of work. love the barbershop scene which follows as well, where he gets 'cleaned up' abit. I also like the scene of Andreas in the pub actually eating for a change lol. And an early scene when he takes the bit of paper and itty bitty pencil out of his little tin to write down the details Quayle's character had given him. In fact I think its quite sweet every time he had a look in that tin or his wallet to see if the money was still there. Very touching, his whole life is in that wee tin. I did hope against all hope when I first saw this film, that as well as getting the money to where it was to go, that we would leave Andreas still with us. See him wandering to the bridge where he 'lived' and sit down with a feeling of satisfaction perhaps. However, I guess the message we are maybe given early on is that there is a certain path and some things are mean't to be. Andreas was mean't to deliver that money then nothing more. One thing this film always leaves me with is wanting to know more about Anthony Quayle's mysterious character. Wanting to know more about where he is coming from. I need to give this another airing I think." Minty

"From my point of view there is an huge diference between Rutger Hauer and Robert de Niro. Rutger Hauer is a poetic actor. He gives to all the movies he makes an atmosfere of magic and an incredible humanity. And he do this with very few things. Even when he plays very strong and violent characters he can always give us the misterious of the two humain nature: the bad and the good. Robert de Niro is an actor with a very diferent way of doing characters. He has a much more directed way to do his job. The bad is the bad and the good is the good. He is a fine actor too, and I see very of his movies with pleasure;but I sincerily prefer Rutger's performances, because he can give the two sides of a person each time he makes a movie. That's why Robert de Niro was not the actor for "La Leggenda. Because it's a poetic movie about life and those are Rutger Hauer's movies. This is what I think about it...." Maria

"I've found a very interesting Rutger comentary about "La Leggenda" Rutger says that American actors ,when they are playing alcoholics they make a lot of noise with them glasses,.... And he is right . La legenda does not need the noice ;its a movie about the insigt, about a man who talks with himself and sees a mistery each day of his life.. Mistery doesn't need noisy glasses. Its a movie about the silence. "the shadow on his face". Rutger said that. Yes, that's why i love this splendid movie so much;its about the soul ,the mistery;and mistery is allways poetry.Without noise.At all.Only his face.... No one could do it better." Maria

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