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Wanted Dead or Alive          
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"Tomorrow's Not a Promise "

''This another of my Rutger Hauer favorites!! The lead character role in this one really was written I believe for Rutger, the magnitude, impactive character here in this one. I can't ever imagine anyone else who could fit into the role..., no one could have done it as well.NO ONE BUT RUTGER HAUER! No doubt about it. Rutger has a lot of range as an actor, in all areas. Great film!!! Brought the character in this one to life, very believable! Love it!!!'' Starry

''I bought this film along with The Hitcher - to satisfy my Big Dutch Men with even Bigger Guns craving. After viewing the film I realized what a great story it was and how I wanted to write a spin-off/sequel/ fan fiction. Now is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that a man with Nick Randall's relationship history would have such an attachment to a woman he's been with for such a short (in my opinion) time period? Could the emotion have been stronger if the character instead of a new fling du jour would have been a sister that he was close with? The best friend angle was a good one - Also the added bonus of Robert Guillame and Jerry Hardin (of X-files fame). Here is the beginning to my sequel/fan fiction . . .A thunderous explosion ripped through the air. Onlookers began to scream and run for cover. “Now you’ve really blown it Ryder!” Chief Sergeant Carl Hooker tried to yell through the melee. John Ryder continued past Hooker, past the crowds of frightened people. The heat of the explosion radiated, but inside Ryder felt cold. He continued to walk until he came upon a quiet beach. The Los Angeles air was cool; seagulls soared in the air as the waves hit the shore. “Finally, somewhere I can hear my own thoughts.” John sat down on the sandy beach; tears welled in his eyes as he took a harmonica from his inside coat pocket. “Here’s to you Terry.” He blew a few sour notes on the old harmonica, the coarse notes echoing off the rocks. John couldn’t believe it, he’d only met Terry three months ago and now she was dead. “I shouldn’t have let her stay around so long.” He threw the harmonica as far as his weakened arm would allow. Soon after, John Ryder fell asleep.'' RedDragon

''Well now of course, Nick Randall had a good pedigree! It has to be said that this wouldn’t normally have been a film I’d have gone and seen, but I did fall under the spell of Nick. A man clearly heading towards mellower times who has his world tipped upside down by the aims of old enemies, both external and within the organisation he has worked. It is one of the films that for me only succeeds because of Rutger’s light touch. I do question a little of the continuity – who would take a child old enough to be carrying a teddy bear to see Rambo… paleese! And of course I loved the music by Joe Renzetti.'' Caroline

''Of course yet another film where the bear is naturally the focal point. Nick Randall a tough guy with heart! What does it for me is his harmonica playing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine......"Minty

''DVD of Wanted was released on Oct 29 in Japan. Arigatou from Japan'' Hiro

''It’s been a long time since I originally saw this film, so had to re-watch to refresh my memory. It seems quite dated in some respects, but not in others. I must admit it is probably not a film I would have chosen to see, had Rutger not been cast in it, and I think he played Nick Randall with just the right amount of force to make it convincing. A mellowing tough guy who’s still very capable of finishing the job. Some good little Rutger moments : suddenly remembering the dead passenger beside him in the Merc. As always, just a quick expression tells a whole story. Nice chemistry between Nick and Terry. A very watchable film. Yes, I too loved the soundtrack and also the harmonica playing. You are indeed my sunshine, Mr Randall...'' Corinne

''Got this movie both on a disc and on a cassette. what can i say? i just LOVE it!
I join to previous posts entirely. as any piece of genuine this movie seems to have predicted the nowadays political situation.
But for the rambo cinema billboard and lack of mobiles one would have thought the movie is a fresh one.'' Ann Perekotti

''Corinne I too found myself feeling the need to watch it again. Always nice to see Robert 'Benson' Guillaume (sp?) again too, I wish he'd pop up in a few more things lol.
I know what you mean about it seeming abit dated, even on dvd I thought where I had to pump up the volume to the max.''

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